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Biology 2 Essay

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The title of the Journal that I used is The Dynamics of Flight-Initiating Jumps in the Common Vampire Bat Desmodus rotundus and was written by William A. Schutt, Jr, J. Scott Altenbach, Young Hui Chang, Dennis M. Cullinane, Juhn W. Hermanson, Farouk Muradali, and John E. A. Bertram. The journal was accepted on September 15, 1997, and the article that I used was on page 3003 through 3012. The most prominent question or concern that was probed in the article dealt with the "dynamics of jumping behavior in D. rotundus and to explore the functional characteristics of a wing operating under competing mechanical constraints." In other words, they were interested in the specifications of the flight-initiating jumps, and also interested about how the bat is able to utilize its wing for more than one purpose such as crawling, or moving without flight. The hypothesis that was being implemented was that "the wing is expected to have design features that allow both powered flight and the generation of violent jumps." The Demodus rotundus demonstrates intricate movements including flight-initiating jumps and because of this the wing is expected to be engineered for the ability to jump (to initiate flight) and also powered flight. The prediction that was made for this experiment was that this experiment would follow the results that were observed by Altenbach in 1979, and 1988. That is, that the bat would indeed initiate its flight with a jump. The tests that were imposed were the use of a force platform with twelve transducing elements. There were two horizontally...

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they made us many promises

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