Biology And The Unknown World. Essay

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Somewhere in this world, a child has to walk a third of his/her life in order to get fresh water. Growing up, like that child, I found myself living in poverty, with the added challenge of battling twin demons of low self-esteem and modest circumstances; that prevented me from delving fully into life’s experiences and, for some time, subdued my longing for self-discovery. Nevertheless, one thing was certain: I yearned to help others and impact their lives through medicine.
Fascinated with biological science; fixated with biological mysteries, revolutionary medical discoveries, and the urge to make sense of the unknown is why I am pursuing the field of biology. If accepted into Cornell University, I plan to major in Biological Sciences. Over the course of my high school career, I have involved myself with diverse organizations. Working on projects strongly corroborated with my aspirations allowed me to see that I am in a unique position to catalyze change in my society.
Issues that holds great meaning to me and interlink with my drive to become a physician are biosafety and world hunger. As a passionate advocate of biosafety , I have taken on the task of addressing the importance of the biodiversity at the World Humanitarians Improving Society Model UN Conference, where I’ll be spearheading the United Nations Environmental Programme Committee. For this event, I'm currently working with the CEO of Education in Motion with aim of making the event a true success. My colleagues and I have devoted two years of preparation for this conference, and with my experience from National High School Model UN, I intend to effectively chair the UNEP committee and raise awareness of marine threats in the Western Hemisphere. At this very moment, the seas are being polluted and an animal faces extinction.
Aside from the impact of biological sciences on our societal and collective evolution, I am inspired by the utilities of the disciplines. It is through the knowledge and...

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