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Biology Article Essay

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Biology Article
A new study in diabetes research finds a possible cure for diabetes by creating a gene mutation. Give your thoughts, tell what the article is about. Explain this article and how it relates to biology, and which topic in the textbook relates to this article. What was the reason this article was interesting to you. How does this article relate to you? Discuss how the scientific topic relate to you. Discuss how the research on topic should be funded.
Mutation Kills Gene Responsible for Diabetes
There was a study that was finance by Pfizer and conducted by Amgen over the course of four years. This study took a look at diabetes, and instead of looking at what caused the disease, ...view middle of the document...

The mutation in this case is helpful it actually prevent people from developing diabetes no matter what their health risks are. The rare gene that prevents people from getting diabetes is the ZnT8 gene (Kolata, 2014). This gene mutation causes the pancreas to produce more insulin, which helps the body maintain a lower blood glucose level. This article relates to this course, because it covers gene mutation. The course explains how some gene mutations are caused. They are caused when the wrong base is added to DNA that is still growing. There are times when the nucleotides get lost or they can have an additional one that get processed. Some of these gene mutations can have harmful consequences. Cancer is cause by a mutation. This course was able to explain what a gene mutation was, and how they occur, and what the outcome of a gene mutation could be (Starr, 2013)
Why Article Caught your Attention
The main reason that this article caught my attention is because I was diagnosed with type II diabetes about six months ago. I am required to take medication to help control my blood glucose level. This is something that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. When I saw this article it was very interesting to me, because it talks about a possibility, of a cure being made available, by making medication that could cause the same effect that the gene mutation caused in people preventing them from getting diabetes. This article gives me hope that one day there may be a cure for type II diabetes (Kolata, 2014).
How Should Research Be Funded
Research should be funded at Different...

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