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Biology Coursework On Catalyse Essay

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IntroductionAn enzyme is a is one of many specialised organic substances designed to act as a catalyst to regulate the rate of the many chemical reactions that done in the human body, enzymes are classified into many major categories these include hydrolytic, oxidising and reducing depending on what part of a reaction they play. Enzymes specifically are large proteins that speed up chemical reactions in the body, they do this by bringing together a small number of amino acids for form the active site (the location on the enzyme where the substrate binds and the reaction takes place (see lock and key theory)) the enzyme itself in unaffected by the reaction. After having taken place the enzyme is ready to bind again with a new substrate.The Lock and Key TheoryThe Lock and Key theory says that when the substrate attempts to bind with an enzyme at the active site that the enzyme and the substrate have an appropriate molecular design so that substrate cannot join on to an enzyme that it is not supposed to. In essence this give a "lock and key" if the incorrect substrate attempts to bind with a enzyme it will be unable to as the "key" will be unable to fit in the "lock" causing no reaction, however if the correct substrate is used then the key will fit and a reaction will occur. This prevents the incorrect substrate reaction with an enzyme.Properties of EnzymesEnzymes are organic and can therefore be denatured, and the surrounding environment can affect the rate in which their various reactions occurs. For example temperature is extremely important in the process, if the temperature is too high the enzyme will be denatured, and if the temperature is too low the reaction will not occur or will do so extremely slowly. Therefore I predict there must be an optimal temperature for reactions to take place. To prove this I will conduct an experiment using Catalyse which breaks down hydrogen Peroxide into water and oxygen.PredictionI predict that the rate of the reaction will increase until it reaches the optimal temperature after which it will very steadily decrease because of the denaturing of the catalyse, however if the temperature is low the reaction will occur very slowly or not at all.Apparatus● Thermometer● Test tube and bung● 2 beakers filled with water● Glass tube● Measuring cylinder● Hydrogen peroxide● 1 syringe with needle end blocked.● Timer● Bunsen burner● Borer● Graph paper (with 1mm per small square)● Small knife or blade Tube Blocked syringe Test tube Beaker A Beaker B MethodFirstly we used a borer to take cylinders out potatoes from this we cut it up into 10 2mm pieces using graph paper as a way to measure them. Beaker A was filled with water, and its temperature was measured and changed accordingly using ice cubes and...

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