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Biology Ecology EssayInvestigate the four main aspects of human population controlAn exploration into the benefit of limiting birth:Limiting the number of children to less than two can reduce the pressure the society is facing right now and bettering the condition of overcrowd. The advantages of birth control include raising the level of education, increasing the care each child receive, and slashing the global population significantly. The reduction of children number results in that every student can receive more care from teacher and build a high accessibility to school resource. More importantly, higher level of education such as university degree can be achieved more easily by a majority of student population followed by a decrease in total high school graduate. Secondly it will not have too many undergraduate dropped out in the middle of education pursuit due to a broad capacity and a relaxation in competition as opposed to an students overabundant situation where a huge number of fellow undergraduates complete for limited availability of degree offering. Ultimately, the economic will strive and this phenomenon places a profound impact on the overall development of society in various aspects. The most recent difficulty the academic combating is that the resources offered in a school can't entirely fulfill the demand of every student because of the overpopulation in school classroom. Evidently, if the class can be framed in a smaller scale we expect that teachers can look after every individual need deliberately and school is able to provide sufficient learning equipment or materials for a modest amount of students. Best of all, educators can navigate and reach every student's potential in theory, one child produced from one couple can be regarded that one person replace with two people in one generation. If this trend is extended to hundreds of thousands of years later, a considerable decrease in global population can be achieved. In conclusion, the effect and profit brought by this strategy are enormous, and believe our government should set forth to adapt this policy immediately.The reason that I refuse to adopt children in order to compensate the children number wished:This rather complicated and somewhat immoral issue had to be examined from an objective perception in order to come up with an acceptable solution suitable for individual situation. If I am to adopt child from orphan, I have lots of doubt about my wiliness to accept this child as a member of my family. Raising will likely value and interact with their biological children more eagerly and willingly as opposed to looking after adopted children. Primarily, this occurs because of human natural and the value of standard we are showered with. Arguably, human is most selfish and crude species among animal kingdom, we invade other habitat to extend our living space, deplete natural resources to fulfill our hunger for living condition improvement, work diligently to make material...

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