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Biology Final Essay

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“Given enough time, and enough chances, almost anything can happen.” Through mutations and adaptations, species evolve and change throughout time. We can see evidence of evolution through similarities and differences in species. With over 30 to 100 million species projected to be on earth, evolution is continually happening around us. The most well-known observer of evolution is Charles Darwin. While on a voyage through Central America, Darwin encountered the Galapagos Islands where he observed many different species. He made observations of finches of the same species with different beaks on different islands. He noticed that finches of the same species that had different appetites all had ...view middle of the document...

Adaptations allow species to exist in their habitats. Habitats are the natural homes of a species. Adaptations are mutations that survive the harsh conditions of natural selection. Mutations that survive are passed on through reproduction to the next generation.
“But deep down inside, they all share basic similarities. For example, plants all make food in the same way, called “photosynthesis” and animal cells all divide in the same way, called mitosis.” Healthy cells all make proteins-the building blocks of life-which are constructed from only 20 amino acids combined in unique ways and shapes.” Although species can be drastically different from one another, they all share common building blocks and origins. The concept of a single origin of species was derived from Charles Darwin’s theory of the Tree of Life. On the tree of life, all species are derived from a single source. One of the most important similarities between species is the fact that they are all made from cells. Animals are made from animal cells and plants are made from plant cells. Animal cells contain cell membranes which separate the interior of the cell with the exterior. Animal cells also contain a nucleus which contains genetic material and controls the rest of the cell. Both plant and animal cells have an endoplasmic reticulum which produces proteins. Mitochondria exist in both plant and animal cells and acts as the powerhouse for the cell and produces energy....

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