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Biology 3 Higher Level Internal Assessment Lab Format

IB Biology Internal Assessment Lab Format

Do not "cram" sections together leaving me no room to make comments.

Do not complete sections out of order (like attaching graphs at the end)

The following titles and subtitles should be used for your lab report.

Planning (a)

Question - must be focused and not ambiguous in any way

make it clear what you are investigating (use a little `how' and `why')

The reader should be able to deduce the point of the investigation from this sentence alone.

e.g. "Osmosis: investigating the effect of solute concentration on the weight of potato discs, when submerged in a range of concentrations of salt solution for 2 hours".

Hypothesis - make your prediction & then give a logical supported rationale

Academic Honesty: remember to cite your sources of information properly

Variables - chart identifying Independent, Dependent, & Controlled Variables




Independent Variable

Dependent Variable

Controlled Variables


Possible effect(s) on results

Method for Control

Planning (b)

Protocol Diagram - draw & label a diagram which best shows the protocol you used - most likely in the form of a flow chart

Photograph of Lab Setup - annotate this to show how variables were

Instituted, especially the controls. Do not just label equipment.

You may use a cell phone for this but let me know in advance what you are doing so I don't take you phone from you!

Procedure - write in paragraph form, passive voice, and past tense….be sure to emphasize how many times each data set is being repeated (3 is minimum)

Include details of how to measure your independent and dependent variables.

Give precise details of values, units and equipment

Make sure you are collecting enough data - how large does your sample size need to be?

How many times will you repeat your investigation to ensure reliable results?

Data Collection

Raw Data Table - Make sure this is raw data only. Data table design & clarity is important. A title should be given (Raw Data Table is not a data table title, it is a lab report section title) Make sure that all columns, etc. are properly headed & units are given. Forgetting one unit or misidentifying one unit is enough to drop your score in this section. Do not "split" a data table (putting part of a table on one page and finishing it on another). If you absolutely have to split a table (due to quantity of data), make sure that you re-do the title and all column headings. Uncertainties can be given within column headings for equipment precision and as footnotes beneath data tables for other types of uncertainties.

Solute Concentration

(%) (+/- 0.5%)


Initial Weight of...

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