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Biology Keyword Article Summary Holdfast Spreading And Thickening During Caulobacter Crescentus Attachment To Surfaces

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In order to gain information on the material properties of bacterial adhesions, researchers study the development of adhesive holdfast of the Gram negative bacterium Caulobacter crescentus. Adhesions are a bacteria’s cell-surface component that facilitate adherence to other surfaces or cells. Caulobacter crescentus are bacterium found in aquatic environments such as fresh lakes, streams, and wet soil. The Caulobacter cresentus holdfast is made up of complex polysaccharides and proteins for the strength of adhesion to surfaces.
The hypothesis being tested is the holdfast growth of cells attached to a surface. The researches display that holdfast development undergoes a two-step process of spreading and thickening. The researchers proposed that secreted holdfast is fluid-like and forms a plate-like substance capable of strong and permanent adhesion. Their hypothesis is interesting because the researchers are using their knowledge and understanding of characteristics of holdfasts and proposing a hypothesis to their experiment. It is interesting that they have specified that the secreted holdfast is fluid-like and will have strong adhesion.
The methods in which the researchers used include; strain and synchronization, fluorescence labeling of holdfasts, fluorescence microscopy, measurement of fluorescence intensity, selection of experimental condition for quantitative fluorescence analysis and atomic force microscopy. Strain and synchronization included the culturing of Caulobacter crescentus and young swarmer cells to be synchronized in the early stages of holdfast development. Swarmer cells are bacterium of certain algae or fungi capable of swimming via flagellum. Fluorescence labeling of holdfasts included the synchronized swarmer cells being placed on a glass slide and the cells that remained attached were then grown at 30 degrees Celsius for several time periods. Those cells were then labeled with fluorescein-conjugated solution on ice for various amounts of time. Fluorescence microscopy encompassed the viewing of the fluorescently labeled holdfast while consecutive images were being taken. Measurement of fluorescence intensity involved the measurement of the intensities of the adequately bright fluorescence images of the holdfasts using commercial software Matlab. The selection of experimental condition for quantitative fluorescence analysis included the incubation of cells to ensure formation of holdfasts and the measurement average intensity of the holdfasts. Performing the labelling experiments allowed for the comparison of the sizes of the holdfast. Atomic force...

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