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Biology Lab Report On The Effects Of Adrenalin On A Daphnia

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AbstractFor this experiment we tested the effects of different adrenalin concentrations (0.001%; 0.01%; 0.1%) on the daphnia flea. The daphnia was placed on a slide with cover slip in order to examine its heartbeat by using the microscope.AimIn this Lab we will study the effect of different concentrations of adrenalin on the heart rate daphnia, the water flea.It is expected to recognize a threshold of the daphnia in its reaction the three different adrenalin concentrations, in terms of heart rate.BackgroundThe endocrine system works with the nervous system to regulate and coordinate body functions. While the nervous system works quickly and sends messages directly to specific body parts, the ...view middle of the document...

Place it in a small drop of aquarium water on the center of a slide. Add two bristles or thread to the slide to limit the movement of the animal. Then place the cover slip over daphnia. Your setup should look like that in Figure 1.Figure 12) With the low-power objective, locate the transparent heart of the daphnia. It is a beating found almost midway in the back. See Figure 2. Observe the animal for a few minutes until it calms down.Figure 23) Determine the heartbeat rate over a 15-second period. Your partner should tell you when to start and stop counting. If the heart is beating too fast count every other beat and multiply by two. Another method of counting is to tap a pencil on a clean sheet of paper each time the heart beats. After 15 seconds, count the number of pencil marks.Trial 1a. Record the number of heartbeats per 15 seconds in Table 1. Multiply this number by 4 to get the number of heartbeats per minute. Record this number in Table 1.4) Repeat Step 3 two more times.Trials 2 and 3b. Record the number of heartbeats per 15 seconds and the number of heartbeats per minute in Table 1. Average the heartbeats per minute and record this number.5) Place a drop of the 0.001% adrenalin solution next to the edge of the cover slip. Touch a piece of paper towel to the other side of the cover slip to draw the solution through. Add a second drop and draw it through in the same manner. Wait about 20 seconds. Count the number of heartbeats in 15 seconds.Trial 4c. Record your result in Table 1.6) Repeat your count of heartbeats two more times.Trials 5 and 6d. Record your results in Table 1. Average the heartbeats per minute and record this number.7) Repeat Step 5 and 6 above using the 0.01% adrenalin solution.Trials 7-9e. Record your results in Table 1. Average the heartbeats per minute and record this number.8) Repeat Steps 5 and 6 above using the 0.1% adrenalin solution.Trials 10-12f. Record your results in Table 1. Average the heartbeats per minute and record this number.9) Return your daphnia to the "recovery" beaker designated by your teacher. (Do not return it to the daphnia aquarium.)g. Complete Table 1 by reporting your averages to your teacher for class average determination.Data Collection and Data AnalysisTable 1Condition Trial Beats/15s Beats/min Average Beats/min Class Average Beats/minAquarium Water 1 60 240 285 2682 90 3603 64 2560.001% Adrenalin 4 59 236 152 2365 47 1886 46 1840.01% Adrenalin 7 57 228 205 2298 52 2089 45 1800.1% Adrenalin 10 67 268 280 29811 66 26412 77 308AnalysisAfter having followed the procedures and completed all steps, the results have been noted down in Table 1. At the beginning the...

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