Biology Movements Through Membrane Cell 12.34 High School And 5 Th Uyear Education

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A. Xylem
Q. Water enters the outermost cells of the root by osmosis. What does this tell you about the cell sap of these outermost cells?
A. Pressure of cell contents on cell wall
Q. Give an example of osmosis in plants.
A. Lower water concentration; Higher solute concentration
Q. Osmosis has been described as a special case of diffusion. Explain why.
A. Water movement between cells or from soil to root
Q. Name a substance found in a plant cell vacuole.
A. Movement of water along a concentration gradient through a selectively permeable membrane
Q. What is meant by a selectively permeable membrane?
A. Water; Sugar; Sap; Salt(s); Protein
Q. Give a feature of a plant cell that allows it to remain turgid for long periods.
A. Allowing some substances to pass through
Q. Give locations in a cell at which there is a selectively permeable membrane.
A. Vacuole; Cell wall; Cell sap
Q. True or False. Plant cell walls are fully permeable.
A. Chloroplast; Mitochondrion; Nucleus; Vacuole
Q. What is diffusion?
Q. Water for photosynthesis enters the roots of plants by what process?
A. Movement of molecules from area of high concentration to area of lower concentration
Q. Why is diffusion alternatively known as passive transport?
A. Osmosis
Q. Suggest a way in which turgor is of value to plants.
A. No energy (ATP) required
Q. Explain the biological basis for the use of high sugar or high salt concentrations in the preservation of food.
A. Support
Q. Name the terms used in biology to describe the movement of substances through cell membranes.
A. Bacteria lose water by...

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