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Genetics still rely on Mendel's model to predict the likely outcome of genetic crosses. Capital letters refer to dominant alleles, and lowercase letters refer to recessive alleles. Capital and lowercase forms of the same letter must be used to designate the two forms of one gene. The allele for a dominant trait of tallness in pea plants is represented by T, and the allele for the recessive trait of shortness by t. Since there are two alleles for each trait, the genotype of a pea plant that is homozygous dominant for tallness is TT. A pea plant that is homozygous recessive for shortness has the genotype tt. Probability is the likelihood that something will occur.A cross that provides data about one pair of contrasting traits is called a monohybrid cross. A cross between a pea plant that is true-breeding for tallness and one that is true-breeding for shortness is an example of a monohybrid cross. Biologists can also predict the probable outcome of a cross by using a diagram called a Punnett square, named for its inventor, Reginald Punnett. A dihybrid cross is a cross that involves two pairs of contrasting traits. Predicting the results of a dihybrid cross is more complicated than predicting the results of a monohybrid cross because you have to consider how the two alleles of each of the two traits from each parent can combine.In some organisms, an individual displays a trait that is intermediate between the two parents, a phenomenon known as incomplete dominance.In some cases, two dominant alleles are expressed at the same time, a phenomenon called codominance. Codominance is different from incomplete dominance because both traits are displayed. An example of codominance is the roan coat in horses. A cross between a homozygous red horse and a homozygous white horse results in heterozygous offspring with a roan coat, which consists of red hairs and white hairs.Some traits have genes with more than two alleles; these are referred to as multiple alleles. For example, there are three alleles that can determine human blood type: A, B, and O. The A and B alleles are both dominant over O, which is recessive, but neither is dominant over each other.When several genes influence a trait, such as height or weight, determining the effect of one of these genes is difficult, just as it is difficult to follow the flight of one bee within a swarm. Because the genes that determine a phenotype such as height or weight may segregate independently of one another, slight differences in phenotypes are expressed when many individuals are compared. These traits are said to be exhibiting continuous variation because you see a variety of phenotypes on a continuum from one extreme to the other.An individual's phenotype often depends on conditions in the environment. For example, during the winter, the pigment-producing genes of the artic fox do not function due to the cold temperature. As a result, the...

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2866 words - 11 pages ' lives. Among the topics expected to be discussed are cloning, personal genomics, GM organisms, antibiotic resistance, the Green Revolution, and the nature of scientific knowledge.There is a significant amount of biochemistry and chemistry-related material in this course. Students are strongly advised to take a chemistry course prior to taking Bios 100.This course is designed for those planning to pursue Biology-related topics in depth in the future

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