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Biology Practical To Study The Osmosis Effects Of Sucrose Solutions Of Different Molarities Upon Plant Cells (Chinese Radish And Potato Chips)

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An Experiment to investigate Osmosis in Plant CellsAimThe aim of this experiment is to investigate the movement of water by osmosis in and out of plant cells across a semi permeable membrane in sucrose solutions of different concentrations. The plant cells used in the experiment are potato and Chinese radish tissues that are used as chips because the results and changes are easy to note and record in this way. As plant cell membranes are differently permeable, different results are expected from the Chinese radish and potato chips in the same conditions; this is one reason for having two types of plant cell and not one. Another reason is that the two types of plant cells results can be compared and the similarities between certain results compared.The results taken during the experiment can be used to work out information that will help further our understanding of how osmosis takes place in different plant cells (potato and radish), what physical and biological change may take place, and link certain factors presented in our results to prove information useful to the investigation. Such a point would be to work out at what concentration equilibrium takes place in the chips and how length, mass and concentration affect the results of osmosis (e.g. Flacid, Plasmalysed etc.), and how to link physical results such as if a potato chip floats or sinks to the mass of a potato chip and the concentration of the solution it was in.Using the results recorded during the experiment, the cell sap sucrose concentration of each chip can be worked out.Overall, the experiment must be planned and osmosis in plants researched so as to predict what should happen in each of the situations presented in the method.The experiment taking place and recorded in the most accurate conditions possible, the most useful results recorded and presented in a helpful way.The results of the experiment should then be analysed and explained in terms of osmosis and why each result happened discussed and linked to other situations of osmosis.The final section of this investigation should look back on the experiments, criticising and improving sources of error and finally furthering research by going more into detail on the subject and expanding the research now that the basics of the subject have been covered.Backround Scientific InformationEquilibrium- There are two types of equilibrium. Dynamic equilibrium is when two opposing actions occur at the same rate, in the case of osmosis this is water moving in and out of a cell at the same rate. Static equilibrium is when there is no action taking place; this will not take place during this experiment.Osmosis- This is the movement of water molecules from an area of high water potential (a dilute solution) to an area of low water potential (a concentration). This occurs across a semi permeable membrane until equilibrium is achieved.Concentration- When a substance dissolves in water, its molecules attract some of the water molecules and stop...

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