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The search for better healthDiscuss the difficulties of defining the terms 'health' and 'diseases':Health is hard to define because it incorporates many things and some can be very subjective. Such as, biological, psychological and social well-being. Disease is similarly difficult to define because it is a state of impairment functioning or poor health. It depends on an individual's normal level of functioning and on what they expect their quality of life to be.Outline how the function of genes, mitosis, cell differentiation and specialisation assist in the maintenance of health:The function of genes is to ensure that the correct proteins are produced in a cell to enable all cellular processes continue. Mitosis enables the genetic material to be copied correctly when new cells are formed. Different types of cells become specialised for different functions within a multicellular organism.Distinguish between infectious and non-infectious disease: An Infectious diseases can pass to another organism to another, where-as a non-infectious disease cannot.Explain why cleanliness in food, water and personal hygiene practices assist in control of disease:Control measures such as cleanliness can stop the spread of infectious diseases, particularly if we know how a disease is transmitted. General hygiene and cleanliness are important in reducing the transmission of infectious diseases. Prevents the growth of disease thus reducing the likelihood of somebody contracting the disease.Identify the conditions under which an organism is described as a pathogen: Organisms are called pathogens when they cause disease.Describe the role of Pasteur in identifying the causes of disease: Pasteur discovered that most infectious diseases are caused by microorganisms, or germs. This became known as the germ theory of disease. This also destroyed the theory of spontaneous generation.Outline Koch's postulates and explain how they can be used to identify the causative organism of an infectious disease:1.The micro-organism must be present in every host with the disease2.The micro-organism must be isolated from the host and cultured3.A potential host, when inoculated with the micro-organism, must develop the same symptoms as the original host4.The micro-organism must be able to be isolated from the second host and identified as the same species as originally cultured. If the postulates show that the disease applies to the four rules above, it will be evident that the specific bacterium is the infectious pathogen causing the disease.Identify that infectious diseases of animals and plants are caused by pathogens that include:Prions: Prions are infectious agents that cause brain disease in mammals. They are proteins that have been altered from their normal shape in the body to an abnormal shape, although the chemical make-up of the protein remains the same. Diseases include: scrapie in sheep, bovine spongiform encephalopathy or mad cow disease, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in...

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1183 words - 5 pages massage oil using up to 10 drops essential oil in 25ml base oil and massage into the chest and back, 2-3 times a day. Bibliography CGP GCSE Double Science Biology. The revision guide. Collin GEM biology Basic facts The family medical reference book British medical association family doctor home advisor Aromatherapy and natural health

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2619 words - 10 pages ability to produce different types of milk for offspring of all different ages³.All these mechanisms ensure that fertilisation, survival of the embryo and of the young after birth occur.Reference ListBooks:¹ Mudie.K & Brotherton.J, (1985) New core Biology, Australia, R.Heineman² Kinnear.J & Martin.M, (2004) Preliminary Course Biology, Australia, John Wiley and sons³ West.J & Caddy.R, (2004) Maquarie Revision

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856 words - 3 pages /prostruct.htm.CGP Books,2008. As - Level Biology Complete Revision & Practice. RevisedEdition. Coordination Group Publications Ltd CCGPDawn, A. (2011). What are Antibodies.Available:

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612 words - 2 pages of science and biology. The medical model has strengths and boundaries, which should be assessed within each case. Therefore, the medical model is open to suggestion and can be subject to change in theory (Grobstein & Cyckowski, 2006). The first two editions of the DSM were influenced by the psychodynamic approach. The manuals suggested that all disorders were caused by environmental occurrences. Since it was based on behavior, everyone holds

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1499 words - 6 pages reliable as I found out accurately the mass gained/lost through osmosis. However, due to the time constraints I couldn?t set up measures to ensure the temperature of each potato strip was the same and the surface area. Also I would have worn latex gloves to ensure that impurities would not go into the test tube while putting the potato strips in. Bibliography/Secondary Sources · Biology-New Edition by Jean Martin · · Revision Guide for GCSE double science-Biology By The Science Coordination Group · · Class Sheets


8478 words - 34 pages the UK Cambridge International Level 1 / Level 2 Certificate (based on IGCSE) UK code IGCSE Code UK code IGCSE Code 0476 Literature (English) 0486 0687 Hindi as a Second Language 0549 0522 First Language English 0500 0688 Greek 0543 0681 Art and Design 0400 0689 Music 0410 0682 English as a Second Language 0511 0690 Biology 0610 0683 History 0470 0691 Chemistry 0620 0684 Business Studies 0450 0692 Physics 0625 0685 French 0520 0693 ICT 0417 0686

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3771 words - 15 pages , concise, readable, and informative. Generally, my weaknesses lie in the actual task of making a set of notes relevant for revision purposes. The first week, which the Study and Learning plan, which was put into practice was mentioned during the week four of the personal learning logs. The strategic plan was supportive as it helped me to achieve success in my note taking and making ability simply re-writing my notes followed with a review

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2170 words - 9 pages biology. The shortcomings and weaknesses seen in women, and their failure to achieve and contribute as much to society as men have, can be explained by the notion that these weaknesses are “revealed as such only in the light of the ends man proposes,” (34) meaning that society is constructed (by males) in such a way that man will take an active role while woman will become passive and therefore experience subjugation. Still, De Beauvoir asserts

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Biology Revision. Essay

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