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Biomass To Biogas Essay

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The reason why I am doing this project is to find ways to produce energy with safer and renewable sources. I am trying to help save the Earth. This project is one way I figured out we can help our planet. Since a biomass is a renewable resource we can always use it to create a biogas. This lets us keep the air clean of pollution instead of burning fossil fuels and wasting our nonrenewable resources. If we use all of our fossil fuels know we will not have any more since they are a nonrenewable resource.
With my project I am going to find out how which waste makes the best biogas in each environment. Then we can make a conclusion on which waste to use to get the best biogas. Hopefully we can eventually switch over to biogas for fuels. We would save money, stop pollution, and save important fossil fuels. Hopefully soon we can get any type of gas to run on biogas. It would help us keep the Earth clean one step at a time.

Biogas is a renewable source of energy. Biogas is mostly comprised of methane. It’s made from a mixture of CH4 (methane), CO2 (carbon dioxide), H2S (hydrogen sulfide), NH3 (ammonia), and finally SO2 (sulfur dioxide). This gas is produced when waste is decomposed and where there is no oxygen present by bacteria.
To make biogas you have to first build an anaerobic digester or use an enclosed tank. Inside the tank you need to put specific organic wastes so the bacteria can decompose it. If you want to make a digester you need biogas. You may want to consider using cow manure, grass clippings with soil or any other waste, as long as you use cow manure with it. There should be a water-biomass ratio of 1 to 5. Your pH should always stay around 7. For the most accurate results you should have a temperature of 0 degrees C and 69 degrees C. For quicker but not as accurate results you can keep the temperature between 29 degrees C and 60 degrees C. It will work the best around 35 degrees C. You should provide the digester with a little biomass every single day. This lets there be fresh bacteria to make biogas quicker and more often.
You should always be thinking about your safety as well as others. Since biogas is made from methane it can be dangerous. It is highly explosive. You shouldn’t have a fire or any electronic items near your project. When certain things meet biogas, the gas can cause suffocation. The project should be placed in a very well ventilated area. After handling any matter you should wash your hands as soon as you are done. Make sure to use plenty of soap and hot water to thoroughly cleanse your hands. For example, the carbon dioxide that comes up from the matter will asphyxiate a person if they breath it in. The rotten eggs (H2S) may destroy the lungs and other tissues that smell it.
Biogas should be used more often in our society. It has benefits to many things like our forests and atmosphere. When you burn the gas the methane is eliminated. Scientists believe that methane is a major factor...

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