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Lung Cancer Treatment -- Photodynamic Therapy Offers a Safe AlternativePhotodynamic therapy (PDT) is one of the newer lung cancer treatment options available today. Lung cancers are sometimes inoperable, particularly when they are situated in the bronchi or trachea. Similarly, cancers that have spread from different parts of the body to the bronchi cannot be removed surgically. In such cases, photodynamic therapy offers a safe as well as effective treatment option. In a best-case scenario, PDT is used as a curative therapy that can eliminate the cancer completely. In many patients, PDT is employed as a palliative lung cancer treatment meant to give relief from symptoms even though it does not cure the cancer. Photodynamic therapy can effectively relieve symptoms like breathing difficulties from obstructions in the bronchi or trachea. In some patients, tumors block the airways and can cause coughing, breathing difficulties, pneumonia and bleeding. PDT may be used in such cases depending on the location, size and stage of the tumor. PDT destroys cancer cells using a laser. To assure that only cancerous cells are destroyed, a special drug is used to make the cancer cells more sensitive to this treatment while leaving normal cells intact. There are three steps involved in the process of lung cancer treatment using PDT. In stage one, a drug called photofrin is injected intravenously. This drug has the property of making body cells very sensitive to light. Normal, fit cells eliminate photofrin, but cancerous cells are unable to do so and the drug is retained in such cells. In the second stage of PDT, about forty to fifty hours after the injection is given, a flexible tube is inserted into the bronchia. This tube contains a red laser of low intensity. The cancer cells exposed to this laser are destroyed. In the third and final stage, about two days after the laser light exposure, a bronchoscopy is done to get rid of the dead cancer cells and mucus from the bronchi or trachea. A patient can benefit from photodynamic therapy only if his or her cancer is situated in a location that is accessible to a bronchoscope. Also, the tumor must be large enough so that the bronchoscope can easily detect it. This means that some cancers like those located outside the bronchial passages cannot be treated with PDT. Lung cancer...

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Mechanisms of Neuronal Repair Following Nerve Damage

1564 words - 7 pages biomaterial may be suitable for neural tissue engineering when used in 3D. These conclusions indicate that further studies examining physiological response in differing environments of 3D and 2D are needed because toxicity assays of 2D nanomaterial was not a predictor of 3D responses (Behan et al. 2010). Scaffold Integration One technique to be considered for bridging neural gaps is the implantation of a physical conduit into the site of injury

Preparing for Bioterrorism Essay

1415 words - 6 pages illness at very low-inhaled doses and death at elevated doses.” (Lindsay 1), the aerosol can or ventilation system would be choice. This is how an attack would take place if it did occur. Sadly, “Since 2001 a number of scientific feats seem to illustrate the growing ease with which potentially harmful biomaterial can be produced” (Ouagrham-Gormley 81-82), scientifically the terrorist have the upper hand but if a plan of emergency action were to

Bioactivity and Drug Delivering Ability of a Chitosan/46S6 Melted Bioactive Glass Biocomposite Scaffold

1602 words - 7 pages [17] Korsmeyer, R.W., Gurny, R. et al.: Mechanisms of solute release from porous hydrophilic polymers. Int. J. Pharm. 15 (1983) 25–35 [18] Karageorgiou, V., Kaplan, D.: Porosity of 3D biomaterial scaffolds and osteogenesis. Biomat. 26 (2005) 5474–5491 [19] Peter, M., Binulal, N.S., Nair, S.V., Selvamurugan, N., Tamura, H., Jayakumar, R.: Novel biodegradable chitosan– gelatin/nano-bioactive glass ceramic composite scaffolds for alveolar bone tissue

Artificial Hearts

1785 words - 7 pages sheath. This sheath virtual eliminates the biomaterials and the blood clotting problem. Another alternative to stop blood clotting would be to smooth the biomaterial surfaces to the sub-micron level so that it is smooth to the blood cells; however this is a very difficult manufacturing problem (Hogan 77). New developments are being made to the designs of the Thermos Cardiosystems. A new power system is externally battery-driven and uses "direct

Articular Cartilage Regeneration

2155 words - 9 pages procedures regarding cartilage defects, all of them have significant disadvantages, such as an immune response or fibrocartilage. Therefore, a lot of tissue engineering research focuses on the regeneration of a substantial amount of research into tissue engineering and articular cartilage regeneration focuses on finding a suitable biomaterial for a scaffold. The biomaterials researched can be separated into natural and synthetic materials, both of

effective communication letter

3767 words - 15 pages degree in May 2012. Currently, as a graduate student, I am involved with a research team where I have become familiar with magnetic suspension techniques, numerical solution methods, blood-biomaterial interactions, and testing protocols. My work on this research project has also allowed me to develop proficiency working within a cross-functional team to solve complex engineering problems. I am highly self-motivated and have been given substantial

Write about a movie/film and the significance behind it. I choose Fight Club by David Fincher

3246 words - 13 pages strict orders from Tyler, the leader. The club will make soap in order to finance the operations; the soap is made from human fat. This is significant because it is made of human biomaterial used for cleaning human skin; it helps to elaborate on the people's possession obsession. The soap is sold to department stores for twenty dollars a bar. The narrator exclaims the stupidity of the women purchasing their own fat in order to clean themselves. This

Chemistry (spanish)

8796 words - 35 pages biomateriales? DD En sentido amplio un biomaterial sería un material diseñado para actuar con sistemas biológicos con el fin de evaluar, tratar, aumentar o reemplazar algún tejido, órgano o función del cuerpo. Los biomateriales están destinados a la fabri- cación de componentes, piezas o aparatos y sistemas médicos para su aplicación en seres vivos. Deben ser biocompatibles: se

Reality and Illusion in Shakespeare's Hamlet - Reality, Appearance and Deception

896 words - 4 pages Reality and Illusion in Hamlet   Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, begins with the appearance of a ghost, an apparition, possibly a hallucination. Thus, from the beginning, Shakespeare presents the air of uncertainty, of the unnatural, which drives the action of the play and develops in the protagonist as a struggle to clarify what only seems to be absolute and what is actually reality. Hamlet's mind, therefore, becomes the central force of the

Sub-plots in Hamlet

1118 words - 4 pages Sub-plots in Hamlet   There are many things that critics say make Hamlet a "Great Work," one of which is the way that Shakespeare masterfully incorporates so many sub-plots into the story, and ties them all into the main plot of Hamlet’s revenge of his father’s murder. By the end of Act I, not only is the main plot identified, but many other sub-plots are introduced. Among the sub-plots are trust in the Ghost of King Hamlet, Fortinbras, and

Hamlet as Victim and Hero

1301 words - 5 pages Hamlet as Victim and Hero      Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, a Shakespearean tragedy, tells the story of Prince Hamlet, who gained the knowledge of a terrible incident that his kingdom had suffered. Claudius, the king of Denmark and Hamlet's uncle, had killed his own brother, the king, who was also the father of Hamlet, and married his brother's widow. Hamlet suffered these traumas to a severe degree, and his only relief was to defeat his

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Introducing Biomedical Engineering Essay

1351 words - 6 pages , blood vessels and capillaries, and as well as for the musculoskeletal systems: bones, ligaments, muscles and so on. Last but not least, the other specialty area within biomedical engineering is Biomaterial. Biomaterial is the study associated between biomedical and material engineering, which is “any matter, surface, or construct that interacts with biological systems.” Biomaterials science has included the elements of medicine, biology, chemistry

Neural Precursor Cells And Neuro Regenerative Medicine

545 words - 2 pages to enrich neural precursor cells from sample prior to in vitro cultivation. Once NPC are generated and expanded, they will be characterized by their expression markers, phenotypes, and growth kinetic. The possibility to induce/promote differentiation of NPC into functional neural or oligodendrocytic restricted progenitor cells will be further investigated. Then, these cells will be grafted into respective experimental model. Study will be focused on how to improve integration, migration and functional incorporation of grafted cells. The interaction of NPC with biomaterial matrix (3-D lattices, hyaluronic cid, and etc) will be also investigated.

Bioactivity And Drug Delivering Ability Of A Chitosan/46 S6 Melted Bioactive Glass Biocomposite Scaffold

2070 words - 8 pages . J. Drug. Dev. Res. 1 (2009) 47–59 [16] Dietrich, E., Oudadesse, H., Lucas-Girot, A., Mami, M.: In vitro bioactivity of melt-derived glass 46S6 doped with magnesium. J. Biomed. Mater. Res. 88 (2009) 1087–1096 [17] Korsmeyer, R.W., Gurny, R. et al.: Mechanisms of solute release from porous hydrophilic polymers. Int. J. Pharm. 15 (1983) 25–35 [18] Karageorgiou, V., Kaplan, D.: Porosity of 3D biomaterial scaffolds and osteogenesis. Biomat. 26 (2005

Biopiracy And Bioprospecting: Managing In A Global Economy

1431 words - 6 pages examples of instances where pharmaceutical companies have exploited developing nations with indigenous people who do not have the resources or knowledge on how to defend themselves and their country. 2. On one hand the bioprospectors, the supporters, argue that their scientific research is critical to the improvement of quality of life for people around the world. This is a result of being able to extract from the biomaterial cures or