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Biome Essay

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Biomes are appropriate conditions for organizing the natural world because the organisms that live in them common constellations of adaptations, particularly the climate of each of the areas and the characteristic vegetation types that develops in these divisions. It should be understood that the climate is perhaps the most important in determining classes of individuals who may live in an area and the ways they should be amended to live under different conditions of temperature and precipitation and seasonal distribution of these factors element. Every place on Earth has its own climate, influenced by both macroclimate regions as the particular microclimate. The soils are very important ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the region are where Sphagnum bogs, sedges, orchids and heather, can be found. The climate in this area of high latitude, summers are cool and very cold winters, although these stringent conditions are considerably improved in the vicinity of the warmer oceans, Norway and the Pacific coast of North America. Precipitation tends to be distributed throughout the year, with a large accumulation of snow during winter.
Temperate Forests
The temperate Forest biome is one of the most altered biomes on our planet. The Temperate Forest is highly variable, in some places the deciduous trees predominate while others are more common conifers. There are also mixed forests with coniferous trees, deciduous and evergreen broad leaved leaf. Temperate Forests occupy areas with abundant and evenly distributed rainfall and moderate temperatures with a marked seasonal pattern. The flora and fauna of Temperate Forests are much diversified, although many animals migrate or hibernate during the cold winter. Climate in temperate forests are found in areas with warm summers and cold winters with frequent precipitation distributed throughout the year but in some areas is more seasonal, Snow is common in the northern part of the area but decreases greatly at the southern part.
Temperate grasslands
Grasslands usually occur in the middle of continents where rainfall is intermediate between the desert and forests where there are large seasonal variations in temperature. The presence of trees has been reduced in this area due to fires, grazing and browsing by herbivores such as bison, deer and horses, and the relatively low precipitation. The climate of Grasslands are temperate environments, with warm to hot summers and very cool winters, often, extreme temperatures in these areas centrocontinentals.
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