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Image if you will, a world will no trees. If you can’t then image a world filled with smog, unnecessary and undeveloped abandoned buildings like in a metro/futuristic movie, and uncontrollable diseases that are rampant and may have be curable from plants we haven’t researched yet. The failing biome I want to introduce is the tropical rainforest and one of its major concerns which is deforestation. Without the forests, the previous images I gave would most likely happen and will be permanent because whether we notice them or not, tress, big and small are everywhere and they’re most likely not there for privacy or decoration.
Biome Explanation
The general location is near or on the equator and is where the tropical rainforest of northern, central South America and southeastern Brazil can be located. The tropical rainforest is between 10 ° N and 10 ° S latitude at elevations below 3,000 feet and with there being three major disjunct (biome) formations similar in elevation, the Amazonia in Central America is Neotropical (Biomes of The World: Distribution of biome; The monthly and annual average climate is 80 °F (27 °C) with an annual rainfall of 60 to 140 inches (1,500 to 3,500 millimeters) of precipitation (Encyclopedia Britannica: Micropedia Volume X; pg.141). Cloudiness is always a present factor and annual monsoonal reversal winds occur (winds continuously travel from land to sea and back thus forming low pressures on the plateaus and winds carrying vapors are forced to travel in low air pressure zones and when these winds travel north they are converted into clouds causing heavy rainfalls in the latter half of the summer). The dominant animals that are seen present are the Vampire and Dawn bats, Jaguar and Cougar cats, Howler and Spider monkeys, several species of birds (Harpy Eagle, Toco Toucan), and the Pit Viper. The dominant plants to be seen present are the Kapok Tree, Coconut Tree, and Bougainvillea. All rain forests’ produce 40% of the earth’s oxygen (Tropical Rainforests: Equatorial Forests of Rain; With ¼ of the world’s medicines coming from the rain forest, 1,400 of these rainforest plants are believed to offer cures for cancer (Tropical Rainforests; Most of the world’s most rare and exotic animals come from the rain forest (over half to be exact) and with the failing of the rain forest biome these animals with unknown properties to help man, whether be entertainment or health, will be lost forever.
Biome Depletion Danger
“Deforestation” from logging and burning are...

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