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Biomechanics Is The Study Of Human Movement

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Biomechanics is the study of human movement, it is the field in which makes use of
the laws of physics and engineering concepts to describe how the body moves when
swinging a golf club. In particular it's the study in how the skeleton, muscles and
nerves of the body work when hitting a golf ball. Implementing the perfect golf swing
is a dream for every player. Although, the full golf swing is an extremely difficult
concept to perfect. In the biomechanical examination of Jason Browns golf swing
from 2006, the aim was to state the objective of the skill. The objective was to make
the golf ball travel the greatest possible distance through the use of the six phases, in
this case:
 Address
 Back Swing
 Transition
 Down Swing
 Contact
 Follow Through
 Finish
Through applying such phases within the golf swing can lead from hooking, slicing,
or pushing to the execution of the golf swing.
Through examining the video of Jason Brown, 2006 golf swing, there were many
problems that needed to be resolved. The three phases in which I have identified
trouble with relating to Jason's golf swing were:
 Back Swing
 Downswing
 Follow Through
Examining the Biomechanics of Jason Browns swing, the principles that were
identified were:
 Rotational Momentum
 Acceleration
 Linear Momentum
Maighan Brown/ H.M.S/ Mr Gilbert 1

Rotational Momentum was a key struggle throughout Jason Browns golf swing.
Particularly in the backswing and through to the finishing position. From this picture
it indicates that the use of rotational momentum is not reaching the desired optimal
position. The club position is far too low, the shifting of the weight is incorrect, and
his use of Rotational Momentum appears to be inaccurate.
Once addressing the ball and performing your back swing, your follow through phase
should consist of the same motion, the cocking of the wrist and keeping it on the same
flight plane. It should be a continual rotation to the left. At the end of the swing the
weight should have been shifted almost entirely to the front foot(left foot), the body is
fully turned to the left and the hands are above the shoulders with a positive position
at the top of the follow through. The biomechanical principle applied in this
phase is the rotational momentum. The use of Jason's centre of gravity plays a large
role in keeping the body stabilised throughout the golf swing which eliminates any
jumping through impact and allows both feet to stay put, with only the shifting of
weight to occur. Rotational momentum may be due not only to an increase or decrease
in rotational speed, but also to change in the allocation of mass around the pivot point.
Maighan Brown/ H.M.S/ Mr Gilbert 2

To eliminate all faults and rectify this deficiency in Jason's golf swing, a chosen drill
as been selected:
 Perform Stretches (lower body as well as upper body)
 Adopt your stance with...

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