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Biomechanics Of Golf. Essay

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1.0 IntroductionThis report will biomechanically analyse the golf swing of three students. From this analysis, I will rank the students for the distance and accuracy attainable from their swings. Following this will be a biomechanical and an anatomical justification explaining the reasons for these rankings. I will then draw a conclusion highlighting the important factors and correct techniques required for an accurate and distant golf drive.2.0 Biomechanical Analysis2.1 Golfer 1- Andrea GrahamGolfer 1, Andrea Graham, fails to include all eight phases of her golfing drive (refer appendix D) thus minimising the acceleration in her downswing. This occurs because she does not provide optimal range of motion for the club to gain maximum possible velocity before impact. Graham's force summation and timing (Teachers notes: 2003) is also affecting her drive. In the backswing phase (refer appendix D), her knees remain fixed and her pelvis rigid, therefore not transferring weight, which produces a myriad of related errors. Because her pelvis stays in the same position (refer appendix B), her shoulders and kinetic power that can be generated from the pelvis are lost. In the early phases of Graham's golf swing, her lever action (Teachers notes: 2003) is naturally shortened by the premature flexion of her elbows. Because of this, the swing does not extend to a full arc thus creating a loss of speed and power in the swing. Because she is unable to swing at the ball with maximum power, her connection is 'unclean', which in turn affects the flight of the ball.2.2 Golfer 2- Jason RawlingsGolfer 2, Jason Rawlings, allowed for excellent, if not perfect, weight transferral through optimal flexion of his left and leading leg. Throughout his swing, Rawlings maintains the longest possible lever by minimising excess flexion of his elbows. These two factors ensure maximum energy is transferred into the balls' flight. Rawlings has an excellent force summation and timing beginning with the rotation of his pelvis early in his swing. Because of this, the shoulders follow, providing maximum momentum in the movement of the club. At the height of Rawlings' backswing (refer appendix D) we can see a co-ordinated fluent movement of his body. Suddenly recoiling, his pelvis generates much power towards the ball and again his shoulders follow through, achieving optimum velocity of the club before impact (Teachers notes: 2003). The acceleration of his downswing is at the highest level due to his force summation and timing, all of which maximised the energy and momentum transference to the flight of the ball.2.3 Golfer 3- Colin DawsonGolfer 3, Colin Dawson, has an incorrect address of the ball (refer appendix D). This refers to his stance, posture and club face. Due to Dawson's height (refer appendix A) and extension of his legs, his back arches causing his shoulders to hunch over and in effect, he is leaning over the ball. With the extension of his legs he is unable to transfer his...

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