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Biomechanics Of The Golf Swing Essay

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For years it was thought that the golf swing was a solid piece of movement without any differentiating variables. Vast expansion in technology over the last 20 years has produced more information on the biomechanics of the golf swing. “ Golf Biomechanics applies the principles and technique of golf mechanics to the structure and function of the golfer in an effort to improve the golf technique and performance” (Hume P., Keogh J., and Reid D. 2005) Biomechanics, “The scientific discipline that applies mechanical principles and to understanding movement.” (Hume P., Keogh J., and Reid D. 2005) allows scientists to observe a golfer’s swing to near milliseconds to the point of impact. This is much more precise to previous measurements used such as video recordings, outlines, etc. Understanding how the swing works by breaking down the movements within the swing through visual aids emphasize the opportunity for a better swing and in turn, better golf. Studies of biomechanics within the golf swing have shown the sequential separation from torso to pelvis, disproving the original theory of a solid swing with continuous motion known as the X-factor. Before understanding how the biomechanics of the golf swing works with the X-factor, the basics of the swing must be established.
Most amateur golfers believe that impact on the ball is the only key factor for hitting straighter and farther by swinging harder and faster, forgetting important facets in basics of the swing. There are multiple parts of the swing that involve biomechanics however; some key points are set-up, backswing, downswing, follow-through, and ground reaction force (GFR). To focus primarily only on one point of the swing to fix all problems is an obscure way to view the swing. Truly understanding the swing and the biomechanics within their swing is a big part of the swing. Though the golf swing may be a simple idea, correct execution of this complex motion starts with the golfer creating a thought process of this action. In golf, there is no reaction to an opposing player defending a ball or a goal there is nothing to react to, just the action’s initiated.
In order to do anything with the biomechanics of the swing, the basics need to be engraved in the swing process starting with the setup. “The set-up or starting position for executing a golf swing should align the golfer properly with the target, established dynamic and static balance, be in a sound biomechanical position (i.e. golf posture) and provide an effective grip of the club.” (Hume P., Keogh J., and Reid D. 2005) It goes to say that with anything in life there needs to be a strong foundation to build upon and the set-up is the ground floor for the swings structure. The set-up is the main point to start a correct back swing, making sure the feet position are slightly outside the shoulders increasing the base of the swing and the stance insuring the stability when motion starts. Following with shoulders and feet pointing down...

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