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Biomechanics Of Throwing Of A Javelin

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Throw Phase only for right handed throwerMechanics objective: to maximize distance of the throw of the javelin in the airPHASES:Preliminary Movements:* Javelin is held horizontally with three possible grips1. Index finger grip (American Style):* Index finger grips the shaft to the rear of the binding.* Thumb lies along the side of the binding* The javelin lies in the centre of the palm2. Second Finger Grip (Finnish Style):* Index finger is extended along the shaft of the javelin* Thumb lies along the side of the binding* Middle finger grips the shaft of the javelin to the rear of the binding3. V- Grip (Fork Style):* Index and middle finger grips the shaft of the javelin to the rear of the (V form)* Thumb lies along the side of the binding* Stand with right food forward* Right arm abducted in the sagittal plane, forearm flexed so the elbow is pointed forward* Palm of the right hand points at sky to provide a platform for the javelin* Aim the javelin in the direction you are going to run* Keep the metal tip down just a bitPreparatory Phase:* Take 13 to 17 steps (Newton's Second Law)* Keep hips high and run on the balls of the feet* Flex the right arm posteriorly to fix the position* Keep the head facing the way of throwing* Keep the hips at right angles to the running direction* Drive the right legs forward and up the help keep hips in proper positionForce Producing Phase:* Right foot remains close to the ground to maintain forward momentum (Principle #4)* Right heel (talus) makes contact with the ground* As the right foot is advanced forward the left foot is advanced ahead of the vertical axis so as to be in place ready for a quick plant after the right foot has landed* The trunk and upper torso is extend backward at an angle of about 115° to the forward horizontal direction* The force producing phase ends when the right foot makes contact with the ground and the left leg is flexed in the airInstant Phase:* The left leg reaches forward* Shoulders and hips now in line with the direction of throw* Trunk and...

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