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Biopsychology Essay

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The effects of biopsychology are being slowly felt throughout the world, but now we wonder, to what extent can we manipulate our brain. Advancements in this branch of psychology can be used for many practical applications including the reintegration of both addicts and prisoners into society and the eradication of mental illnesses. With the 600,000 to 700,000 inmates being released annually across the United States we wonder whether or not their reintegration to society can be sped up in order to prevent them from doing more crimes. Bio psychological research can create a pill or a chip that can be administered to offenders in order to stop them from committing more crimes. The pill can control their reasoning part of the brain to prevent them from evil. We can also utilize a type of pill to eradicate mental disorders such as Alzheimer, anorexia nervosa, depression, bipolarity and much more. Where the pill can eventually get to cure this mental disorders through the manipulation of our brains and changing way we interact with our environment.
This new type of research would have many philosophical implications in today’s modern world. By being able to control our natural processes we wonder, if God is still needed for the survival of humans? The fact that the brain can be controlled to change our behavior will make human’s question the role God has in our day-to day preservation. Yes God created us, but if the world is self-sustaining what do humans need him for now. Another philosophical implication would be how far could we take these scientific advancements before eradicating free will and unique personality? Having the power to control someone’s brain would mean you can change them to have any attitude and manner you want them to have. This could eventually be used by the government to control the world by...

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