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Biotech And Genes Essay

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What is Biotechnology?
Biotechnology, a form of genetic engineering, is the ability to manipulate and organisms’ genetic code. Scientists have the ability to alter the molecular level of an organism by implanting desirable genes from any other source in order to fabricate a new organism that obtain unique characteristics and eliminating the inferior ones.
Why is Biotechnology so controversial?
Biotechnology, being a new creation and development in our society, causes a great deal of dispute between people with opposing viewpoint. Some people believe that food, animals and products that are modified should be left natural and they way they were meant to be created. They oppose changing the structure of that object, no matter what the circumstance or enhancement. This opposes other viewpoints in that other people believe that if an alteration will improve the quality of a substance, than every step should be taken in order to make that development happen.
For instance, some believe that taking the nutrients from a blueberry and imputing it into a strawberry is beneficial because not only are you eating something that has its unique benefits, you are also getting extra vitamins that originate in the blueberry. While some people strongly support the idea and process of biotechnology, others posses profound concerns about the methodology of biotechnology and the changes it contains such as genetically modifies foods and humans, as well as cloning.
There are people who love the idea of Biotechnology and all of the advancements that would emerge due to its greatness and effectiveness, whereas others believe that the alteration is a threat to mankind and society as a whole. The pessimists believe that DNA was made in a certain way and altering it would be immoral.

Specific tools are used in the process of Biotechnology. They consist of:
o Restriction Enzymes: DNA cutting enzymes (found in bacteria) that split the DNA molecules at or near a specific sequence of bases
o Cloning Vector: A small piece of DNA (taken from a plasmid/virus/cell of a higher organism) that can be steadily kept in an organism where a foreign DNA fragment can be placed for cloning purposes
o Genomic Library: A collection of the total genomic DNA from a single organism (DNA stored in a population of identical vectors, each having a different insert of DNA)
o Recombinant DNA: A form of simulated (fake) DNA that is produced by combining two or more sequences that would not normally occur together
o Transgenic Organisms {aka GMO}: An organism whose genetic material has been changed using genetic engineering techniques.
Techniques prevalent in Biotechnology are:
o DNA Fingerprinting: the analysis of DNA from samples of body tissues or fluids in order to identify individuals
o RFLP Analysis (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism): identifies changes in genetic sequences, which occur at a site where a restriction enzyme cuts. It can be used to trace inheritance patterns and...

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