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Biotechnology And The Law: Case Studies Pset

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1. While organisms from nature are not inherently patentable, “human-made microorganisms with markedly different characteristics from any found in nature can be patented as long as the other patent requirements are met” (Bhatia “Patenting” 19). To be patentable, an invention must be new, non-obvious, unique, and useful. Thus, following the conclusion of the case Diamond v. Chakrabarty, which states that as long as the invention meets the above patenting requirements, and that “anything under the sun that is made by man” is patentable, this newly engineered yeast cell is indeed patentable (Bhatia “More” 1). The literature search proved that it was a novel idea, since no previous patents ...view middle of the document...

Also, since the production and clinical trials of the reference drug, drug treatment practices may have changed, clinical trial endpoints may have been modified, and varied patient trial groups may affect clinical trial outcomes. Thus, despite inherent similarities, there may be underlying differences in effectiveness that only thorough new clinical trials would reveal (Suh). Biosimilars are complex topics with specific scientific and regulatory challenges, because they require reference products, quality markers, non-clinical and clinical data and trials, and special requirements for interchangeability with preexisting drugs (Bogaert). Currently in the United States, an application for a biosimilar patent “must include data derived from a clinical study or studies (including the assessment of immunogenicity and pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamics) that are sufficient to demonstrate safety, purity, and potency in one or more appropriate condition of use for which the reference product is licensed and intended to be used. The purpose of these data is to help demonstrate that the product is biosimilar to a reference product” (Bogaert). Only once this similarity is proven can the new rituximab product can be considered an effective and licensed biosimilar product.
3. With the extension of a patent, the government also reserves the right to “’march in’ and compel the granting of a license (or grant one itself) to a ‘responsible applicant or applicants’ if the patent owner is not holding up its end of the agreement to use the invention for the benefit of the public” (Conley). The existence of “march-in rights” has the potential to be extremely helpful in dire times, but if misused, to override the free market and wreak havoc on pharmaceutical business, thereby “distorting the pharmaceuticals market” (Conley). The ruling effectively gives the government the authority and ability to take over a pharmaceutical company if the company is not performing according to the government’s wishes. While this could have proven beneficial to patients with Fabry disease in 2009, and it can be argued that patient lives should have overruled pharmaceutical freedom, the precedent that would have been set by government intervention could have proven disastrous. Had the government intervened, the company would have essentially undergone a government takeover. Considering the emphasis America places on the importance and value of the free market, this radical decision could have had rippling effects. If government takeovers became a feasible option, pharmaceutical companies could become hesitant to invest large amounts of time and money into products, only to see their products confiscated by the government. Also, perhaps more importantly, if...

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