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Biotechnology Assignment, Genetic Engineering,

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Discuss it's uses, impact on society, The pro's and con's of genetic engineering, groups against genetic engineering, cost involved, conclusion (what i think about genetic engineering)Biotechnology AssignmentBiotechnology is a term used to describe the use of living organisms in industry, the environment, medicine and Agriculture. Biotechnology is used in the production of foods and medicines, the reduction of wastes and the creation of renewable energy sources. I have chosen Genetic Engineering as my biotechnology. Genetic Engineering is another way of putting Cloning, Genetic manipulation etc.,Genetic Engineering:Genetic engineering is also known as genetic manipulation or genetic ...view middle of the document...

Much genetic engineering is joined to the production of crop resistant to certain types of specialized herbicides, e.g. Monsanto's round up. Which have been known to increase hormone levels in people.One of the claims in which there is a rush for genetic engineering, is for there to be an end to world hunger. However, Monsanto or any other genetic engineering industries don't have a chance in the world of producing enough genetically modified crops to solve the hunger crisis.The genetic engineering revolution has nothing what so ever to do with the world's starvation problems. It is a well-known fact that two thirds of our genetically engineered crops are now only in place for the higher production rate of pesticides, which, obviously, are being produced by the makers of the genetically modified seeds, that make the crops, that need the pesticide. (Following the pattern here.) A good example for one of those companies is Monsanto's round up ready crops.Impact on Society:The world today is fast approaching consequential technology verge in all of human history. These technologies are being studied and campaigned by a web of scientists and other people see themselves as escorting in a new era for al human life. There is little to none public awareness to these matters, mainly because of the political aspect and as nothing is yet to be decided on human society. If there is any hope of introducing genetic engineering in to the public society it must be done quickly and...

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1229 words - 5 pages only stops at the food market, instead it slowing creeps in order organisms like plants and animals. The improvement of GMO continued to advance when they introduced nutrients and vitamins to enrich foods. Therefore, GE crops are widely practiced throughout the world, despite our lack of cognition. Genetic engineering is the direct manipulation of an organism’s genome using biotechnology. During the process of genetic engineering, specific genes


1018 words - 5 pages world's problems, and by focusing and trying to solve them we give a simple definition to the word engineering. The engineering has many branches which have evolved over time and one of these branches is bioengineering which contains also many branches such as Genetic Engineering. Genetic Engineering According to website, Genetic Engineering is "the development and application of scientific methods , procedures, and

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950 words - 4 pages things that genetic engineering can forever change. The biotechnology industry has been working on oranges that contain the nutrients equal to a multivitamin, tomatoes and broccoli that include more cancer risk reducing antioxidants, nuts with less saturated oil and less allergy substances and beans with less gas giving carbohydrates (1 Jaret). Genetic Engineering can help people become healthy even if they don't want to exercise or take vitamins

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1103 words - 4 pages engineering in agriculture. Agricultural biotechnology/genetic engineering is best known for its products, which are transgenic crops and genetically modified foods. Genetic engineering has enabled farmers and other agricultural industries to produce enhanced crops and goods that would benefit consumers both immediately and in the long run. Although genetic engineering has high potential in solving many agricultural-related issues, critics say

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1727 words - 7 pages to certain diseases which are commonly caused to a specific plant. This can greatly ease the amount of work for farmers; have the plants have higher quality in appearance, and a greater chance of not having diseases.About 60% of all foods in the Unites States have a relation with biotechnology, this reveals the importance of genetic engineering in agriculture. However, genetic engineering is not only greatly used in agriculture; it is also used

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988 words - 4 pages , Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement, CRC press, 2004 “BIO Biotechnology Industry Organization”. June 2011. August 25 2011. “Genetic mutation”. August 25 2011.

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1262 words - 5 pages pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, DNA fingerprinting and in lastly it can be used in stem cell therapy (Keener and Hoban et al., 2014). Everyone in today’s society depends and uses biotechnology in one form or another, biotechnology is essential for our health and wellbeing. Vaccines are also manufactured by using biotechnology in which consist of three main ways, it aids scientists to separate pure antigen using specific monoclonal antibody, aids in

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2057 words - 9 pages What is Biotechnology? Biotechnology, a form of genetic engineering, is the ability to manipulate and organisms’ genetic code. Scientists have the ability to alter the molecular level of an organism by implanting desirable genes from any other source in order to fabricate a new organism that obtain unique characteristics and eliminating the inferior ones. Why is Biotechnology so controversial? Biotechnology, being a new creation and

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2142 words - 9 pages manufactured in large quantities.The replication of insulin is not the only way biotechnology is being utilized. Today people receive synthetic hormones that their body cannot produce such as growth hormones, thyroid, estrogen, and testosterone. Vaccines are also another form of genetic engineering that has been used for many years. Vaccines already protect against disease to a certain extent, but for a virus like HIV, it is too risky to inject

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