Biotechnology Has Become One Of The Most Incredible Advances In

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Biotechnology has become one of the most incredible advances in human existence. Throughout the years, advancements in science and medicine have saved millions of people's lives and I see no reason why we should stop now. Our society has spent countless years and money achieving the technology we have today. For the first time in our existence we have developed ways to treat diseases that we never imagined were possible. The idea of Human Gene Therapy has opened a new door in the medical field. Although the therapy will take years to perfect, we should continue funding the projects as much as possible. Safety and ethical issues have been brought up regarding these advancements. However, safety measures can be taken in biotechnology just as they are in many other fields of study. If we have the ability to save a persons life only by gene alteration, we should stop at nothing to accomplish our goal. Human life is what society is about. As long as we keep biotechnology focused on diseases and life threatening issues, we should continue our development. DNA technology has allowed us to diagnose diseases in an individual. Our research has allowed scientists to diagnose hundreds of genetic disorders. These disorders can be detected even before a person is born. Although scientists are better at detecting disorders rather than curing them, they have made advances in the field. It will only be a matter of time before we can treat life-threatening diseases. Again the moral issues emerge about whether we should treat these diseases. Any person who does...

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