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In Malaysia, pharmaceutical inventions in the form of products or process can be protected as patents upon meeting the patentability requirement and do not fall under statutory exceptions for non-patentable subject matters. The requirements for patentability of pharmaceutical inventions are that the invention must be new, involves an inventive step and it is industrially applicable. According to Biotechnology In Malaysia (2008), granted patents in the healthcare field are showing an increasing trend by scoring 121 patents amongst 296 patents in total. These patents are under legislation of the Patents Act 1983 in Malaysia.
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Drug patent is another biotechnology patents in Malaysia in medicinal field. According to Alavi (2003), most of the medical patenting was not held by local manufacturers but were by foreign companies such as Smithkline Beecham, Glaxo, Wellcome and Roche (M) Sdn. Bhd instead. However, Universiti Putra Malaysia owns an intellectual property in medicine. An example is antioxidant rich nutraceutical formulation with application number PI20050102. This neutraceutical product compose of three antioxidants; tocopherols, tocotrienols and gamma oryzanol that improve antioxidant status and reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.
The Patents Act(established on 1st August, 2001) provides thedrug patent owner certain exclusive rights in respect of its patent within twenty years from the filing date of the application regarding the patent applied (Lim &Ooi, 2006). The merit of drug discovery can reduced the risk of heart disease which is common in Malaysia. The drug which haspatented prevents generic drug competition. Patents provide legal protection for inventors in order to prevent other people from making use of their ideas. Therefore, only the pharmaceutical company that developed the drug is allowed to sell it. Drug patent gives impact in the economy by that the pharmaceutical companies often maintain that patent protection for drugs ensures that they are able to dominate the market. They do this by investlots of money into the development of new products, by making sure that they will be able to take advantage of the sales.Patent protection for pharmaceutical can help to encourage the social in the development of new medicines for diseases that affect in the countries.
Another patent related to drugs design granted with MY149711A, held by Ahmad Bustamam Abdul, filed in Malaysia was about the disclosure on the preparation of pharmaceutical composition, the zerumbone inclusion complex that has improved solubility property. The modified cyclodextrin compound named 2-hydropropyl-beta-cyclodextrin was used to co-administer with zerumbone to form an inclusion compound with better solubility and stability. Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin is modified dextrin which helps to increase the solubility of drugs via co-administration and ease diffusion of lipophilic compound across the biological barrier (Pithaet al., 1986), while the zerumbone is an extract of ginger Zingiberzerumbet that markedly suppress radical generation and induce apoptosis (Murakami et al., 2002). By this invention, the drug can be easily dissolved into the body for better absorption. Patient who consume the drug with this design can heal faster as the drug can be easily absorbed into the body system.
Another biotechnology patent in medical field is the medical devices and diagnostics patent. The availability of the supporting industries makes our country to be a perfect place for the manufacture of medical devices. An example of medical devices and diagnostics which patent in Malaysia...

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