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Bipolar is disorder that affects people in many ways not just
the person who has bipolar but all people around. Bipolar is a
disorder that is caused by a problem with specific brain currents and
brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Basically neurotransmitters
are a chemical messenger that boosts the neurons and others cells in
the body. There are three brain chemicals noradrenaline, serotonin,
and dopamine all three chemicals are involved in both brain and body
functions. Both noradrenaline and serotonin are both connected to
disorders such as bipolar and depression.
What causes bipolar you may ask, how can you cure it? The answers
are, bipolar cant be cured it has to be controlled with a healthy
lifestyle and positive thinking, instead of treating a person with
bipolar like they are different treat them the same and that is the
best thing you can do that is you cure treat them the same as you
would anybody else.
There is growing evidence that the way you live you life can
change how you deal with your bipolar disorder. If you are stressed
and sleep deprived your bipolar will be 100 times harder to control.
IF you live a healthy lifestyle with exercise, healthy foods and an
unstressed life then your bipolar will be 100 times easier to deal
with. Examples of healthy lifestyle choices, and bad lifestyle
choices. Prior to what people think drinking and doing drugs with
bipolar is a not so good lifestyle choice an example of a good
lifestyle choice would be to relax at home with a plate of celery
prior to what us meat eating humans think celery is not a stick of
death but a stick of protein. There are many ways to life a healthy
stress free lifestyle it way not be the most fun but it is better for
your body and your bipolar disorder.
What is serotonin? Serotonin helps send messages to the
brain. Serotonin is also why ecstasy gives people the effects that it
does such as heightened sensations and a sense of wellbeing. Serotonin
also affects certain nerves when it's released. When you eat, sleep
you are being affected by serotonin. If you have low serotonin it
means you have either been doing drugs or your food choices are not
the best. Serotonin is created at the center of the nervous system
that is the brain and spinal cord. Serotonin is a key...

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