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Bipolar disease is a serious brain illness. It is also called manic-depressive illness. Adults or children with bipolar disease go through unusual mood changes. They sometimes feel very happy or active more then usual; which is called mania. But sometimes when they feel very sad and less active then usual it is called depression. Everyone feels happy and sad throughout their day but people diagnosed with bipolar disorder have stronger symptoms. Anyone can be diagnosed with bipolar disease; most people usually develop bipolar disease in their early teen or adult years. This disorder usually lasts a life time. A type of bipolar disease that can be the most severe is called early-on set bipolar disease. Children are usually the ones most likely to get this illness. Younger people with bipolar disease may have more mood switches than adults with bipolar disease. Kids that have this illness have a hard time doing good in school or getting along with their friends or even family members. Bipolar disease can be really dangerous because if often gives both children and adults suicidal thoughts or thoughts of hurting themselves. Bipolar disease affects an estimated 5.7 million adults a year. Although bipolar disease is equally common in women and men research indicates that three times the women of men experience rapid cycling of bipolar disease. Women also have more depressive and mixed episodes then men. Statistics also show that one in every five patients diagnosed with bipolar disease commit suicide.

Different mood changes a person with bipolar disease are called "mood episodes". A mood episode is very intense and the feelings are very strong. While their feelings are strong there is an extreme change in their behavior and energy levels. Mood episodes usually last a week or two; everyday of most of the day. There are three different mood episodes a person with bipolar disease can experience. One type of mood episode is having a mixed episode. A mix episode is having a mix of manic and depressive episode symptoms. Children have the most probability of having mixed episodes. Another type of mood episode is manic episodes. Some symptoms of manic episodes are acting really silly in unusual ways, having a short temper, talking about several things and really fast, having trouble sleeping, talking or thinking more about sex and doing risky things. Depressive episodes is another type of episode. Some symptoms of a depressive episode are feeling sad, complaining about headaches or stomachaches. They don't get enough sleep or get too much, feeling guilty, little energy, and having suicidal thoughts. Another type of...

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Bipolar Disease

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