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Bipolar Disorder And Its Management Essay

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Moods are constantly changing, but sometimes it is a problem. Some people have bipolar disorder, and they tend to overlook it. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder, also known as manic depressive disorder or manic depression. This is when people experience episodes of hysteria known as mania—“a state of abnormally elevated or bad-tempered moods and energy levels” (Test and diagnosis, January 18, 2012). Bipolar disorder has different types of episodes, causes, and management of which people may not be aware.
One type of episode is a depressive episode. An individual experiencing this kind of episode may suffer from feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger, isolation, hopelessness, fatigue, loss of interest, loneliness, or suicidal thoughts (John. M). In some cases the individual may become psychotic, experiencing delusions or hallucinations. These depressive episodes may last up to seven weeks and may continue up to six months if it is not treated. During this episode individuals may lack energy or have unmotivated movements. They also may appear irritable and disturbed. Lack of appetite and trouble waking are also possible symptoms. While in this stage the part of the brain responsible for clear and realistic thoughts shut down. It may lead to exaggerated feelings of worthlessness, misery, or despair. In the worst case, depressive episodes may lead to suicide (Altman).
In a case study, a twenty four year old woman kept switching from her normal self to being depressed. “She experienced periods of sadness, often unexplained, as well as difficulty controlling her temper and dealing with stressful situations” (Sloan Manning). She went through stages of restlessness and irritability. She could not control when it would happen to her. Her moods would affect her everyday activities; she could not get her housework done because her
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depression would consume her. Sometimes she would be in the worst mood, and suddenly her normal self would bounce back. Her issues with her being depressed would also lead her to have eating problems; she would tend to overeat when she felt her depression coming on. She always seemed to isolate herself, but when she did activities she enjoyed she was filled with joy.
Manic episodes are the stage where an elevated, unreserved, or extremely irritable mood is present. This kind of episode can make occupational, social, or educational performances difficult to manage. Symptoms of this episode include higher self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, greater socialization, and engagement in risky behaviors. Individuals may become more focused on the goals they would like to accomplish. However, in some cases sufferers of manic
episodes may lack attention and feel out of control. There are other negative conditions that are associated with this kind of episode. Individuals can break from reality, may indulge in substance abuse, and may need hospitalization...

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