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Bipolar Disorder In Children And Adults And Treatment

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Bipolar disorder is more common than thought. It is being more diagnoised in younger ages than adults. There are a few causes and triggers of biplolar disorder. There are numerous signs and symptoms of mania and depression. Bipolar disorder in children and adults differ in a few ways. Three differents types of treatments are avilable. There is also a few places to go for help. Bipolar disorder can be can lead to serious issues if left untreated thats why its important to be educated about bipolar to help loved ones.
Bipolar disorder is phychatric disorder in which there are periods of sadness and happiness. Some factors that can lead to bipolar are genetics, neurotransmitters, and brain function and structure. Things that can trigger your bipolar are medicines, the change of seasons, lack of sleep, abuse of substances, and stress.
Mania is feeling on top of the world. Feeling really good about self and happy. Some mood changes are very energetic, talking fast, impatient, irritable, and lack of judgement. Behavior changes can include little sleep, talking a lot, can`t concentrate and get distracted easy, and engage in risky behavior.
Depression is feeling low. Dont feel good about self and unhappiness. Mood changes include feelings of guilt and worthless, being sad for a period of time, and become disinterested in things they enjoyed or liked. Some behavior changes are suicide thoughts, eating or sleeping more or less, can`t concentrate, and poor performance in school work or job.
Bipolar in children and adults differ in a few ways. Children with bipolar is called early onset bipolar. This is often more severe than adults with bipolar. Also children with bipolar disorder have more mood swings and symptoms and more frequently than adults with bipolar.
Bipolar disorder can be discovered in people in a non invasive way. There is no mri or cat scan done. No blood will be drawn for testing. Questions will be asked regaurding behavior and sleep. Family health history can be assesed. Other serious medical conditions will be examinded.
People with bipolar are more likely to attempt suicide. The warning signs of suicide are feeling like a burden, talk about suicide, death or hurting self, and looking for pills, drugs, weapons that could be used for suicide. If warning signs are seen or suicide thoughts have been mentioned get help right away. Call the hot line for suicide or contact mental health center or the persons doctor. Call a friend or family member to help.
In addition to bipolar other problems can exist. Substance abuse with drugs and alcohol can occur. Ahad can be present. Diabetes, obesity and anxiety disorders can come along with...

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