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“The Pill” should all teenage girls have the right to be able to get it without having it prescribed? All teenage girls aren’t mature enough to understand the consequences of sexual intercourse or deal with the responsibilities of unplanned pregnancies. Sexual intercourse is one of the most uncomfortable subjects to talk about, but if young adults do not take responsibility and talk about it then many unplanned pregnancies can result. What most people don’t consider is if young teenage girls are even close to being mature enough to be using birth control. Teenagers should be allowed to get birth control but with parents consent: it stops many unwanted pregnancies and teens need to be well informed about birth controls.
Each year about 750,000 teenage girls get pregnant. Most would actually admit that they were not ready for sex and wish they had waited longer ( Seventeen). Girls that get pregnant at such a young age are more likely to drop out of high school and not finish their education. From the influences of movies to magazines many girls get the idea that everyone is doing it, so it’s ok and safe for anybody. “ I know it sounds dumb, but I felt like everyone was having sex, so I figured i should too.” Says Chelsea who is famous from “Teen Mom”. What social media doesn’t often show is all the negatives effects of having sex like getting HIV and STD’s. All of these girls ,however, have the right to control their bodies how they want to, there are many ways for teenagers to get protection from HIV, STD’s, and unwanted pregnancies. For example female condoms and male condoms are about 80 to 90% effective when used correctly (Mudore). Both of these can be easily be bought from any drug store.
Asking for parents consent on getting birth control isn’t like asking for their permission to have sex, but having parents consent will show maturity and trust. Parents know their kids better than anyone else, and if parents don’t think that their daughter is mature enough to be receiving prescribed birth control then there’s a big chance that it is true. If teenagers had easy access to birth control, teens will just see it as a free pass to having sex and not think twice about the consequences of sex. Teens in this day and age think that living in cohabitation isn’t difficult and quite effortless and parents need to remind them that it is not like that at all.
The Pill-
The “pill” one of the most common birth controls, is no guarantee that whoever uses it won’t get pregnant. Although it is about 90% effective, its no guarantee. Taking care of a child is not an easy thing to do, no matter what age. A high school diploma can only get a person so far in life, and watching over a baby is a lot of responsibility and a very tedious thing to do. So taking every precaution on not being a pregnant teen will benefit...

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