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Birth Control Essay

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“You’re pregnant” are, the worst possible words a teenage couple may want to hear if anything, the last thing they want to hear. Not only is there teenage life over but also their educational career. Terrified, scared many teens walk out of clinics with the thoughts of either abortion or adoption.Many decide to keep the baby, but many thoughts run through their mind. “How am I going to tell my parents?’’ , “How can i financially support this child?’’ , “ How am I going to take care of this child?’’ With big challenges ahead of them and no true knowledge of what to do, teens are on their way to a life full of stress, exhaustion ,poverty and depression (Bodeeb 1) High schools ...view middle of the document...

The condom is the only current contraception that helps prevent sexually transmitted diseases from occurring.(“what is birth control 1). They are many common practices of prevention that are used between sexual partners, but the most commonly distributed out at high schools are the combined pill which one takes for twenty-one days and then takes a week off. Then there is the Plan B pills, is an emergency contraception that helps prevent pregnancy after birth control failure of unprotected sex. (Plan B 1).
Condoms were first known to Americans in 1987 by Surgeon General C Everett Koop publicly , in which he recommended and stated that people who used condoms would help them prevent STD’S. Later on in 1991 High schools in New York began to hand out birth control and condoms in high schools, in which people who opposed his view go very upset and went to congress for help. Congress helped by mandating a abstinence only education in which was a law that prohibited use of federal funds for programs that distributed or in any way encouraged use of condoms . After hearing this prohibition in 2001 the office of Surgeon David Satcher released a report titled “ The call to action to promote sexual health and responsible sexual behavior” The article recommended providing adolescent with information on both abstinence and contraception.Then in 2002 congress re-authorized the abstinence-only provision of the 1996 welfare law. Applause of people who agreed to condom distribution was well heard. But opponents to this were in shock , and in disbelief of the new tragedy. So in 2003 once again they took it to congress which involved the foreign policy realm in which George W Bush proposed a President Emergency Plan for AID relief . Soon after that 2003 congress adopted the...

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