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Birth Control: Available To Teens? Essay

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Seven hundred fifty thousand teenagers, ages fifteen to nineteen, become pregnant each year (“Facts”). Teenage birth specialists have often debated whether or not teenagers should have access to birth control and other contraceptives. Although some people think teenagers having birth control will promote promiscuity, birth control should be accessible to teens because they will put themselves at a higher risk for disease and pregnancy without it, and more teenage girls would get a high school diploma with it.
Those who disagree think providing birth control promotes promiscuity and premarital sexual activity. In the article “At Issue: Birth Control Availability,” the author argues that access to birth control and other contraceptives for teens would make them think their behavior is acceptable. The author states, “Providing free condoms and other birth control methods sends the message that premarital sexual activity is acceptable” (“ProQuest”). The opposition believes birth control would promote promiscuity and make it seem acceptable. Although some believe that birth control encourages promiscuity, the fact that teens are sexually active has not changed; therefore, access to birth control can only encourage safe sex. Kim Grundy, author of “The Teens and Birth Control Debate,” argues that teaching abstinence wastes time. Wendie Howland, editor of Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning, declares, “Abstinence hasn’t worked for thousands of years as a reliable way to avoid teen pregnancy” (qtd. in Grundy). Howland and Grundy argue that abstinence has not worked in the past, and will continue not to, therefore; birth control should become available to teens.
Without birth control, sexually active teens will put themselves at a higher danger for disease and pregnancy. In the article, “Facts on American Teens’ Sexual and Reproductive Health” the author declares that without contraceptives, teenagers could put themselves at risk for a sexually transmitted disease. The author affirms “Although 15-24 year-olds represent only one-quarter of the sexually active population, they account for nearly half (9.1 million) of the new cases of STIs each year” (“Facts”). Teens having access to contraceptives would decrease the number of teens developing an STI. Contraceptives would also decrease the number of teenage pregnancies. In the article, “At Issue: Birth Control Availability,” the author states that birth control is necessary to lower the number of teen pregnancies. The author informs “Those who favor providing easy access to contraceptives say that young people who are already sexually...

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