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Birth Control In Public Schools? Essay

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Should public school be forced to teach birth control as a part of their curriculum or do people think that this will provoke more teens to start being sexually active? If teachers are forced to teach birth control in their curriculum people believe that this might lead to the encouragement of more teens to start having sex. Public schools should teach birth control as a class because if teens are being sexually active then they should be informed how to be safe and use birth control properly when it comes to them having sexual interactions.
Public schools are attempting to teach birth control in their curriculum, but is it encouraging more teens to start being sexually active? “Studies ...view middle of the document...

”(America) Most U.S. school districts require the education about sex in class but not enough schools provide abstinent teaching programs. “Only one-third schools offer abstinence programs teaching students to wait until marriage, or until they have sex.”(America) A lot of United States public schools use what is called “abstinence plus” programs that discourage sex, but suggested that the use of contraception for students who still choose to have sexual relations. Schools all over the nation are trying force abstinence onto young teens as their only option when it comes to having sex and they hope that showing teens all the risks of having sex before marriage will help back up their teaching on being abstinent and keep them sex free. Sex education is a very crucial part in a public schools curriculum and the factors that are associated with the content of sex and the concept of abstinence helps teens make an easy decision to not have sex.
While sex education is very popular in most United States public schools it’s content varies a very considerable amount. Topics such as abstinence, and basic information on sexually transmitted diseases are commonly taught, like birth control for example and how to access STD and contraceptive are taught less often to young teens.”Teaching abstinence as the only means of pregnancy and STD prevention was more common in the South than in the North of the United States.”(David J Landry, Jacquline E. Darroch, Singh Susheela, and Jenny Higgins) Instructors teaching that method are ineffective and presenting abstinence as teenagers only option had significantly reduced the odds of various skills and topics...

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