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Education on Birth Control

Should birth control be taught in schools? Would students be better off know more about the options they have to prevent teen pregnancies? Shouldn’t it be the parents task to inform the children about safe sex or getting them on birth control? There are many ways to look at the perspective of birth control or sex education in schools, which is right, which is wrong, is it right to expose children to sexual education at their age. It’s all perspective.
Whether you’d like to admit it or not, teen pregnancy is becoming a problem. Some schools have optional sexual education classes taught to middle school children with parental consent. But sometimes teaching them ...view middle of the document...

Things that they did not have when they were teenagers, but if they did, and they knew how to use it, your mother would not be only six-teen years older than you. What I’m saying is, yes, it is the parents job to educate their children, but how can they teach them properly if they don’t know everything there is to know. They should be given the option to put them in a class where they can better their knowledge more than the parent can provide. Isn’t that why we send kids to school in the first place?
Are teenagers old enough to take a class about sex, pregnancy, and teen pregnancy prevention? Also, are you stupid? No offence but the whole reason this has become an issue, is because teens are not taking precautions when having sex. If the issue has reached the point where we are debating on handing out condoms and birth control in schools, and teen pregnancy has become this big of an issue then I think we should educate about it. “ officials want to start distributing birth control pills, condoms, and spermicide.”(Medrano, 1) If this many students are having sex they surely can be educated about it. “White hopes to reduce those numbers by making protection more accessible to young people”(Medrano, 1) If parents find it inappropriate for their children then the can have a waiver signed by the parent or guardian allowing their student to take the class or not. In which case an alternate class could be assigned for that group of students that would be deemed more ‘appropriate’. But a class on sexual education could only benefit our communities youth. Knowledge is power, today's teens are tomorrow's leaders, so...

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