Birth Of Communication Essay

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I.     It is important to reflect one’s own national and cultural identity to understand what is different among people of different nations. History teaches us that culture always changes because of internal or external influences, even our own cultures and values change over time. Our world today is a world in which people from different nations and cultures are getting closer and closer because of economical and political reasons. Because cultures are becoming closer, communication is the most important quality for anyone to work on if they want to work in the international society. The history of communication and the relationships that were formed in the early part of worldwide communication still reflect the relationships held between nations today. The question is how have cultural differences evolved as technology increased? Although many things have indeed changed in individual cultures and values, the knowledge of how communications work today can only be learned from studying communications of yesterday.
II.     At the turn of the century, Asia seemed very close because of “great modern inventions. However, the close feeling was only on communication terms. Culturally the effect of communication was a very complicated process.
III.     Although international communication was non-existent between distant countries only a few hundred years ago, cultural differences are accentuated today as an effect of communication technology.
III.     Development of International Communication
A.     19th century Asian Culture
B.     19th century American Culture
V.     America meets new countries
A.     Talking to Asia
B.     Thoughts of the world about the new player called America

IV.     Tensions
A.     Countries who became stronger or weaker (politically and economically) because of communication
B.     How did those who became stronger use communication to their advantage? (Politically)
C.     How the weaker countries reacted, and exposed themselves to the world as a culture. (If they did)
V.     Benefits
a.     Quote
b.     The want for modernization
VI. Conclusion
Culture involves the way people live, work, their thoughts and perceptions of the world. Intercultural communication is a symbolic, interpretive, and contextual process in which the degree of difference between people is large and important enough to create dissimilar interpretations and expectations about what are regarded as competent behaviors that should be used to create shared meanings. A good American and East Asian relationship is important to people on both sides of...

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