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In American Exodus, James N. Gregory presents the struggles and misconceptions of the Okie migrant, their defiance to cultural oppression and the change they brought. To analyze the brunt force of the Dust Bowl and the Depression of the Great Plain region; he traces the movement from route 66, evaluates the reception in California, and shows how the migrants both accommodated and left from the culture of the Golden State. Throughout the book, he dismisses many of the stereotypes created by John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath (1939), and Dorothea Lange’s messages in photography. In doing so, Gregory presents a social wave, from the norm of stereotyping and the defiance of culture itself by ...view middle of the document...

In part 2, Gregory examines the result of their "plain-folk" American values on religion, music, and politics.
Gregory implies that Okies swayed America as a whole; however, proving an influence on the nation as a whole is the weakest part of his claim as it is the hardest to prove and one cannot fully account for the demographics of California. To do further research of the Okie culture in the whole state would be complex as other cultures such as Mexican, also provided its part in the melting pot. Although, his study is based in the whole state, most of his evidence for his thesis comes from the Central Valley. In addition, Gregory acknowledges that the Okies who relocated to the cities conformed quicker into the diverse communities. It was only in small communities such in the Central Valley that the Okie subculture developed and then spread.
Primary sources including interviews, journals, and social data make up the majority of the author’s research. Additionally, he includes photography, tables, and quotes to help explain...

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