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Birth Of Social Psychology It Discusses The Process Of The Birth Of The Social Psychology And Its Links To Other Areas And Some Authors' Theories.

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It rises in the second half of the XIX Century, in some European countries, and a little later in the United States and other countries.

For some, Social Psychology appeared in 1859, along with the revised edition of "Great Soviet Encyclopedia" by Steintahl and Lazarus. This magazine puts Social Psychology as a branch of psychology bourgeois.

For others, the social psychology emerged in recent years in the 9th century, with the process of psychologizing of Sociology.

As it can be seen, there is no consensus regarding the date and context in which social psychology was born.

The non-Soviet social psychology has in common with the bourgeois sociology the tendency to justify the ideology of capitalism. But you can not reduce its Social Psychology bourgeois ideological function, it also deals with real problems, and provides methods for obtaining and preparing scientific information.

According to Kuzmin, Social Psychology has taken two distinct paths: one tries to meet the needs of Psychology, the other serves the policy of the ruling classes (as bourgeois sociology). Therefore, it becomes difficult to argue that social psychology is closer to psychology or sociology.

To Mansurov, Social Psychology borns thanks to the successes of the various social sciences. However, it recognizes that reason alone was not enough, what was even influenced the ideological and political interests of the bourgeoisie.

Mansurov reinforces the idea of seeing the social psychology as a branch of bourgeois sociology, ready to defend the ruling class in the revolutionary movement of the working class.

According to Pariguin (text author), Social Psychology, goes far beyond this ideological character that some scholars try to impose it. It would be mediocre to believe that Social Psychology serving only the interests of a minority.

Who ran a little from the simplistic analysis was ISKon, linking the emergence of social psychology with the psychologizing of Sociology. For him, the psychology of the middle of this century ignored social factors and the specific nature of the collective consciousness. Occupied only the psychology of the individual.

For the author, considering the epistemological roots of social psychology is as important as considering its social roots. Thus, Social Psychology also appears to meet the needs of the development of scientific knowledge.


Gordon Allport points out Plato as the founder of irrational tendency in social psychology. This is because Plato underestimated the reasoning ability of the masses. In general, ancient philosophers despised the role of the masses in society. Helvetius highlighted the importance of social environment for the education of man xo role of conscience and the passions of the individual to the development of society.

Feuerbach emphasized the emotional factor in the communication process of people...

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