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Birth Of The Crusades Essay

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Warfare is always started with an issue either it be greed, power or even resources. But the Crusades had a different point of view which Involved fighting for their God.
In the early 1071 A.D Jerusalem was under control by the Muslims and the Seljuk Turks but they were open to all races and religions. The Christians knew Jerusalem for the crucifying of Jesus Christ which made it the holy city to the Christians. And on their religious pilgrimages to follow in their Holy Father’s footsteps. But the Islamic leaders didn’t approve and wanted them to convert to Islam and follow their religious ways. And If not then dreadful consequences would occur to the Christian people.
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THE DARK HISTORY OF THE TEMPLARS. (n.d.). Retrieved May 7, 2014, The Crusaders wouldn’t have to pay taxes when entering other cities and if they committed any crimes or sins, their fight against the Muslims would wash away any sins they committed and would become pure. They were given a suit of chain mail armor which covered the chest and a can-shaped iron helmet which covered their entire head additionally a long sword, shield and spurs were given to them but the most important was a white wool tunic which had a red cross stitched on it this represented that they were fighting for their Christian Church. Those fighting they did not have the half the experience like a normal soldier on the field According to “Major Battles of the Crusades. Web. 27 Feb.2014” the Battle of Antioch the Crusaders persuaded the Turks to let them into the city So that they wouldn’t be harmed in 1097 A.D… And another group of Crusaders snuck over the wall and the Christians ambushed the at the gate and took the city. Chris Truman. The First Crusade." The First Crusade These ways were very different then how skilled armies would approach. But they could not do this without the help of three major people who helped lead the first crusade who were Godfrey of Bouillon, Bohemund of Taranto, Raymond IV of Tollhouse. These men were very skilled individuals who helped out in each crusade during the first crusade the siege of Antioch a young prince named Godfrey of Bouillon took the place as a leader in the lead to capture Jerusalem. But he wasn’t doing it for the church but for the land and resources for his country in Germany. & with his great skill on the battlefield and his place as prince they chose him for the religious fight. The second leader was Bohemund of Taranto he was a natural born warrior who knew more logistics then any man in the land. The third leader was Raymond IV of Tollhouse
The crusades first battle was the Battle of Antioch with the Turks in 1096 Antioch was a small city relatively close to Jerusalem, & Antioch were trade partners they give Jerusalem vegetables and valuable metals for protection against invaders "Major battles of crusades." Major battles of crusades. Web. 27 Feb. 2014. Antioch was a very fortified strong city and the Crusaders did not have enough men to surround city so they waited for a supply wagon with resources. When the gates opened they ambushed the troops during the fighting some crusaders snuck into the city. Slowly over an eight month siege the crusaders inside the defenders slowly picked them off while the others fought to. This battle that started October 21 1097 and ended June 2 1098 “Atheism - Skepticism & Atheism for Atheists & Agnostics." After the victory of capturing of Antioch and defeating Yagi Sian the crusaders and their army were dangerously low on supplies and began their voyage to Sidon a coastal city by acre.
The battle of Sidon started on 1110 which was the beginning of the second Crusade and...

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