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In this article we will discuss the “Birth of Venus,” a well-known painting by the artist Alessandro di Filipepi Botticelli; completed in 1857. The reason why I chose this painting is, because of the fact that I wanted to give you a bit of information on this painting. Some of the examples I chose are; where did it come from, who originally wanted the painting, and why it came to be? I chose these examples because I have always wondered about these things myself, and hopefully I will be able to answer them for you too. However you may now wonder why I am even talking about this piece or what my intent behind this article is, you shouldn’t. The reason I am writing, is because I have always been fascinated by this piece and the calming effect it has on me. I remember whenever I saw it for the first I thought of the figure Pomona as a motherly figure and wanted to be beautiful like Venus, but that couldn’t be. Instead, I began to do research, since I wanted to learn a bit more about the piece myself. My main goal here is to try to and make you understand some of the things that I’ve already learned about the piece.
So let’s get started and I’ll tell you some examples of the things I’ve learned while studying this piece. One that the piece was not originally released to the public, two it was not the most original piece out there, and three the piece was originally a commissioned work. Now, you might be wondering who commissioned the piece, the answer to that question is that the painting was commissioned by Lorenzo di Pier Frencesco Di Medici. He commissioned the painting, because he wanted it for private use in his villa and not for public domain. The second thing you might wonder now is why the piece was not original; the reason for this is the fact that similar pieces were often created during this age, so the piece wasn’t very original back then and no one really cared. There was good news for the artist though, because the piece had great influence on his reputation, for he was asked to paint in the Sistine Chapel because of his association with the Medici family after.
Even though this piece is popular today, some might argue that this isn’t an appropriate piece because of the nudity, but I believe that this piece is wonderful. I remember when I looked at the piece originally I stared at all of the detail just put into the hair of the figure Venus. I also noticed how the artist used light colors to show off the figure making her stand out, while also making the other...

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