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Birth Order Effects More Than Thought

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Birth order is nothing to take lightly. Weather being a first born child or a last born child is a prime factor in an adolescent’s maturing. Being a first born child might make you more cautious rather than a last born child may make you an attention seeking child. To few people’s knowledge, birth order determines many distinctive characteristics of an adolescent.

There has been a Norwegian study that has found the average IQ of young men and has concluded that first born children and only children have the highest IQ. This study started with the men taking IQ tests and stating information about their age and birth order. The test results were then plotted and the average was found for ...view middle of the document...

Only children are rather rare in America, but they are rather common in China. China is a strict country when it comes to birth order. China wants all families to either have one child, or no children. Because of the overpopulation problem, China is rewarding all families that have only one child, and palatalizing families that have more than one child. This may be the reason that China has such an intelligent population. One child families are rewarded with cash and assistance in finding housing. This yearly cash bonus allows the parents to better provide for the child, thus giving the child a learning boost. This child already has a gained an intelligence boost for being the only child and having all of the parent’s attention, so this extra cash bonus might be the reason for the high average IQ for Chinese adolescents. The punishment for the families that have more than one child is a rather large loss for the family. The government fines the family and withdraws the yearly bonus of the family. This fine is not good for the family because they have to provide food, shelter, and an education for the children. There is no yearly cash bonus that the family can be sure of, there is a fine that they possibly struggle to pay, and the family has no assistance in finding a home. This makes all families of China scared to have more than one child because of the struggle that the multiple-child families must endure (Kalman, 1).

Only children seem quite mature for their ages, and there is a legitimate reason for this. Since the only child has no siblings, they spend a lot of time with adults. This factor not only makes a lot of only children mature, but also confident and well-spoken. A majority of only children are confident, mature, perfectionist, intelligent, and overly-critical. Since they never went through losing their parents’ attention to a younger sibling, this factor makes most only children very claiming, meaning they don’t like to share much. Only children are basically the first born child, but they aren’t very similar to first born children. Only children don’t have any siblings, so they develop differently to them. (Birth order: only children, 2)

Historically, first born children have been less likely to die from infancy, less vulnerable to disease, and are more likely to reproduce as an adult. First born children are must be role models for their younger siblings, which is the most logical explanation for the way that most first born children act. Most first born adolescents are found to act in a determined fashion....

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