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This is the time of year when I start planning all of my children’s birthday parties which is an activity that I sincerely enjoy doing. Absorbing the excited expressions on my children’s faces brings me more joy than the satisfaction of knowing that they acknowledged the event itself. There are several important details I need to remember when planning an event such as this: location, decorations, theme, guest list, and of course the menu. I take pride in my opinion of organizational skills contributing to a flawless flow of event activities.
While keeping in mind that the event is to be specially tailored for my child’s entertainment, I need to be very careful whom I select as guests. From my own personal experience I know to not invite unwanted guest, because it may cause unwanted drama for everyone at the birthday party. At the same time I also have to remember that I can’t ever invite too many people, because most likely fifty percent of the guests won’t show up who say they will and those who will show up just might bring a friend or two along. I always assume that sixty percent of the invitees will not make an appearance due to other plans, emergencies, or just the shear politeness nature of the person.
I find that the most difficult aspect of planning is securing a date, time, and place for the birthday party that will be most convenient and accessible to insure the highest possibility of success. More often than not, my child’s birthday parties will take place on the weekends because the majority of guests either work or attend school on weekdays which would ultimately make a weekday party less enjoyable because of the limited amount of time. I make sure the schedule of activities for the birthday party doesn’t interfere with my child’s agenda because they are number one priority for that day and I would want nothing more than the desires of my child to be fulfilled. After establishing a date and time, I start searching for available locations for the event; of which, will usually be one of my child’s favorite parks or places of fun, exciting activities. Once I have confirmed the availability of the date, time and location, I’ll start to work on collecting decorations for the theme which is usually my child’s favorite cartoon character, game or toy.
Once I or my children have decided on the theme, then I have to start...

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