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Bisphenol A Impacting The Body Essay

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BPA, Bispehenol-A, is found in so many everyday objects, but is it considered bad for the human body? BPA is an epoxy resin and found on in the inside of many metal cans. It is also found in many other things such as plastic water bottles, throw away food containers, baby bottles, dental fillings, shower curtains, and many other things (Vandenburg, et. al., 2008). BPA is also considered the most abundant chemical in the world (Vandenburg, et. al., 2008). BPA, the endocrine disruptor, is considered to be so dangerous because it is unstable under ultraviolet light and raised temperatures (Breast Cancer UK). Then in most cases the chemical leeches onto the food and the infected food is then consumed and enters the body.
BPA is considered a dangerous toxin in so many homes and to so many people, but it has yet to be banned by the FDA or any other national administrations. Dr. Gray expressed in an interview with Jon Entine (3) for Forbes magazine, "There are people who believe in the low dose effect of BPA and will always believe its disruptive effect, regardless of the evidence; The ‘BPA-is-harmful’ crowd appears impervious to peer reviewed studies, that’s a religious position. But as scientists and regulators, we have to go where the data takes us." In a recent statement another prominent scientist expressed, “At this point, with all the recent studies in hand, calling BPA harmful and dangerous, that’s just mass hysteria” (Entine, 3). In the end is BPA actually a dangerous toxin?
BPA is considered an endocrine disruptor. This chemical has the ability to replicate the natural estrogen in the body. As BPA replicates the natural estrogen BPA moves through the body acting like the natural estrogen. Then the replicated estrogen has the ability to interact with the estrogen receptors allowing access to the mammary glands (Breast Cancer Fund). When the replicated estrogen has interaction it then has the ability to replicate and the interactions influence how the genes and cells behave; this then can change, damage, lose, or gain chromosomes within the body (Breast Cancer UK). In the end it disrupts the natural hormonal regulation of the body (Szabo, 2013).
Even though Bisphenol-A is considered an endocrine disruptor this chemical also affects many other parts of the body. In a recent study rats were induced with BPA in their mammary glands within a study, the endocrine disruptor changed all features of the cells in the mammary glands and in the end it affected the immune system of the rats (Moral, et. al. 2008). Breast Cancer Fund rereleased studies that show that very little amounts of BPA to a young child or a child in the womb can increase the risk for breast cancer, prostate cancer, infertility, early puberty, metabolic disorders, and type 2 diabetes. Then according to Breast Cancer UK, Bisphenol-A can also induce behavioral issues, neurological issues, heart disease, obesity, and brain tumors. This is because BPA is primarily found within the...

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