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Bitstream Human Resources Essay

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Knowing the selection processThis case study is related with the selection process. To understand our solution it is necessary to know the basic assumptions used in the solving of the given task.The process of selection is about choosing the right people for the right job. To achieve this goal we can use a wide range of selection methods. We have to keep in mind that if we are selecting managers we usually have to solve the problem of lack of "effectiveness" criteria to develop section test and we have smaller amount of candidates.In this case we assume that we have already chosen interview as an appropriate instrument to measure candidate's performance in selection criteria. Our task will be to prepare right questions for the candidates that let us predict the most adequate candidate for the job.Company BackgroundBitstream is a software company that has identified an opportunity to develop and market a new product. The company develops digitalyzed type fonts for display type font for display screens and technology. Their revenues come from retail sales and OEM sales. Jim Sole, the brand new president was hired in 1992 to substitute the former president, the founder of the company. Jim was a very successful professional and had much great experience in this area.Jim found the organisation needing some changes, like a reorganisation of the structure, a clear clarification of the short/term goals and a need to enhance the teamwork within the company. These problems would be solved with a reorganisation of the bonus plan they have, and to delegate decisions to the employees, to make them have the need to have responsibilities and decision making power.This company had grown at a rate of 25% and had a forecast of future growth at 15%. The regular growth, plus a 15% nominal turnover in the company shows that almost 40% of people from one year to another are new.The new project in handThey come up with the idea of developing a network print manager, related to the work they do in the printing environment. This new product would handle printing times, printing queues or even different specifications of the work to be printed. It requires already market-existing technology but also innovation made by the company.There is a great eager to the appearance of this product in this market, and is known that there is a market segment to this product easily identifiable.To complete this task correctly, Jim Sole started looking for the right person to fill the gap of the new project manager. He talked with his friend Peter Dromeshauser, an executive recruiter ("Head Hunter) and gave him some indications concerning the job. Peter then come up with 4 names that we are going to analyse in the following.Key criteria for filling the positionTo ensure that the interview will be valid we need at first review job specification and develop "checklist" with relevant criteria for the job. According to the CVs we have received we can than register our assessment relative to...

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