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Bitter Bierce
When Bierce was a child, he did not attend school because as his family grew in the number, with a total of ten members and three more soon to join, the need for farm hands increased. As a result, he received very little proper schooling and tackled a mountain of chores rather than homework. Despite his lack of schooling, Bierce grew to have a love of literature and he borrowed volumes from his father’s small personal collection (“Ambrose”). Bierce’s love of literature followed him throughout his life from his first job as a printer’s devil, an apprentice at a printing establishment, to the rest of life as an underrated author. His literary creations were impart the products of ...view middle of the document...

It is there that he eventually met his role model.
When Bierce enlisted into Company C of the Ninth Indiana Volunteers, he was under the command of General W. B. Hazen. Hazen was described as “a regular army officer with a testy, caloric temper (...) [and] a fearless and brilliant tactical leader, [who was] constantly at odds with higher authority” (Wiggins 23). Bierce had a great admiration for his general, written in his letter home the admiration for his general was evident. Bierce modeled the majority of his conduct after Hazen (Wiggins). During his service in the Civil War, he was in a number of the war's worst battles, such as Shiloh in Tennessee (April 1862) and Chickamauga in northwestern Georgia (September 1863), and the siege in Chattanooga (Wiggins). Bierce often times wrote about the gory specifics of war and it’s effects on the innocents. This impart mainly because Bierce had experienced the damaging effect war causes for himself. It is this experience in war that Bierce uses in his writings to teach his readers moral lessons on the far-reaching effects of war. In his short story, “Chickamauga,” Bierce includes very graphic and gory details to heighten the reader’s sense of horror and...

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