Bitter Librarian Essay

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These chairs could not be more uncomfortable. Maybe it isn't the chairs that are uncomfortable, but the fact that I will be sitting in them for the next four hours listening to librarians talk about the future of libraries. I'll tell you what I think about the future of libraries, well, actually I won't. I can't. My head hurts too much. I think the librarian next to me just looked at me because she can smell the booze permeating from my skin. Maybe I am still drunk? I wouldn't be surprised. Who goes to conferences and drinks this much? Who meets up with another woman and has an afternoon sex in a hotel and then has to sneak back to have dinner with her boss? That would be me. I wonder if I am an unusual librarian, or this is typical behavior? I don't see that column in our trade publication, "Drink and Fuck: How To". It could be interesting. Like, the librarian over there with the button on her shirt that says, "My Cat is for Kerry". Well, lady. Your cat lost yesterday's election. Shit, that is right. That is why I started drinking so much as we sat at ______ watching election returns and saw that we have another four years of a dimwit for president. Who wears that type of button at a professional conference? Did she get laid yesterday? What did she do last night? Hole up in her hotel room or did she go out and have a nice dinner with library friends? Oh, great. I can see my favorite slut library vendor heading toward me. My head is pounding even more now. First, he sleeps around. Second, he walks around conferences with a tote bag. Who sleeps with a man who walks around with a tote bag? What am I doing in this profession? What is this speaker talking about? Where is Mary? She said she would meet me in this session. Instead, I have to pretend to look interested because my boss is two rows behind me. God, this is going to be a long day because I need a nap and some time to process everything. It is hard to do since I am sharing a hotel room with my boss who acts like a librarian on speed. I wonder if I could crash in Mary's hotel room.

Hard to believe that was a month ago and now I am sitting in my office just staring out at my employees. I still wonder why I am in this profession. I could be snarky like some of the librarian bloggers who do a terrific job hounding our profession for its traditions and fake superstars. No, I just wonder if it is really the place for me. Take Bonita who is sitting at her desk right now surrounded by all of her dolls. Her entire cubicle space is pink. She wears pink every single day to work. She has those scary, life-like dolls on the top shelf peering down at...

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