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essay bade on -Advice to my son" by Peter Meinke, Winter Sundays" , Robert Hayden ,Reunion written by John Cheever papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke,"The Road " by Linda Ching sledge Bittersweet Parent child relationships can be viewed as bittersweet. There are many different types of parent - child relationships; some are good, bad and some are both. I believe that the parent and the child are affected by there relationship with each other. There are many story's and poems that display the different aspects of parent-child relationships. "Advice to my son" by Peter Meinke shows how a parent can be a good role model to there child. This is a great example of a good parent -child relationship. In this poem the father is giving his son ,Tim ,good advice on how Tim should live his life. The father says, "Therefore, marry a pretty girl After seeing her mother; Speak truth to one man, Work with another; And always serve bread with your wine."He is giving his son advice on how to be successful in relationships with other people. I feel that it is very important to be a good role model to your child and to give your child good advice. This poem reminds me of all the long talks I had with my parents about life. My dad would always repeat the same advice so that I would never forget it. Parents give up a lot of things to support there children. In the poem "Those Winter Sundays" , Robert Hayden says, "Sundays too my father got up early And put his clothes on in the blue black cold, Then with cracked hands that ached From labor in the week day weather made Banked fire blaze. No one thanked him."This quote shows how much the father cared for his children. He would work almost everyday to support his children ;even though he was in pain and he never asked for anything. I feel that this is a great example of a good parent-child relationship because he loves his children so much that he would do anything for them. This poem makes me appreciate my father more because my dad works very hard so we can have money. There can also be very bad parent - child relationships. The story Reunion written by John Cheever shows how the father can be a bad influence on the child. The child in the story looks up to his father and thinks of his father as the perfect man. When the child, Charlie, goes to see the father; he realizes how horrible and inconsiderate his father acts towards other people. The author writes, " Don't argue with me," my father said," just do as your told ."I just thought you might like to know where you are,"...

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