Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Essay

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Sasha hands clasped together into a begging manner, mustering her best puppy dog eyes and whined. “Why not??? Just a little bite or a little teensy lick. Pleaseeeee.”
“No means no, Sasha.” You step away holding your bowl of chocolate mixture, hoping to get as far away from Sasha as possible or your bowl of chocolate will be at risk.
“Please. Please. Please. Please. Pleaseeeee.” Sasha continues to whine; following you as you continue to walk away from her.
You turned to face the brunette, pointing your mixing wooden spoon at her. “Why don’t you make your own chocolate? You can eat as much as you want if you make your own.”
Sasha pouts; eyes continue to trail on your chocolate mixture from time to time. “I can’t. The last time I try to cook something; I nearly burnt down the whole kitchen. Remember? You were there.”
Tapping your chin; you nod after a moment of thinking. “Oh… That’s right. I almost forgot. You got me into two weeks of stable duty because of this. Now, I won’t even share my dinner with you.”
A sobbing sound escapes Sasha’s lips, feeling regret for mentioning about the kitchen incident; recalling your unwanted memories. Now, she had to pay with the portion of dinner that you’ll always share with her.
“No buts.”
“Hey, guys. What are you doing?” Christa walks in with a beautiful smile on her face. You can almost see a halo atop her head and rays of heaven light shine on her.
“Christaaaaaa.” Sasha leap into Christa’s arm and nuzzled her cheeks; looking up at Christa with a pitiful look. “_____ is being me to me. She’s not sharing her chocolates.”
You rolled your eyes at the brunette; pouring your chocolate mixture to the mold. “Even if you said that to Christa; I still won’t give you this.”
Christa pats Sasha’s head and flashed a gentle smile. “I will give you some; I made extra.”
“Really?” Sasha beam at her with her big eyes that sparkles so brightly that you almost have to wear sunglasses just to give her a glance.
Upon seeing Christa nods; she jumps right up with a loud ‘Hoorah!’ You shake your head with a smile; thinking how much Sasha act likes a child.
“Ha! In your face; _____. You won’t give me; but someone else right here will.” Sasha points at you, grinning smugly.
Once again, you rolled your eyes. “I can’t give you because I make this for… Wait, why am I even telling you this?” You shake your head and look at Sasha with narrowed eyes. “Never mind that, this is dark chocolate. Do you even like dark chocolate?”
Seeing Sasha pursed her lips; shaking her head. You nod in satisfactory. “Just as I thought, now, run along. I am pretty busy.”
“Wait!” Sasha grabs your wrist when you’re about to turn away.
You sighed, looking back at her with a hint of annoyance in your expression. “What now?”
Sasha grins and said in a sugary voice. “So~ you make this chocolate for…? Come on~ Spill it. Who’s the lucky guy?”
A blush instantly dusted your cheeks; averting your eyes and look at the ground. “Wha-what are you...

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