Black And White: The Reason Why Gun Control Debate Fails

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Gun control has been being a controversial topic for many years that people try to discuss about it. This issue has become more serious because of many recent tragedies have been happened in the US, and the main reason of those tragedies is lack of control. For example, tragedies in Newtown or Colorado, which everybody has known, took away many lives of innocent children and adults. That is why American citizens think that guns are dangerous and should be banned. However, there are some problem of banning guns brings more negatives than maintaining the status quo.
The prohibition of using gun will create a criminal culture. Previously law abidding citizens would now be criminals. Everything has two side of itself, and gun is not an exception. Gun is used to kill people but it also used to protect people from dangerous situation. For example, business owners use guns to protect their business from robbing. According to BJS, NCVS data from 1987 to 1992 " In each of those years, roughly 62,000 victims of violent crime (1 percent of all victims of such crimes) used guns to defend themselves. Another 20,000 persons each year used guns to protect property. Persons in the business of self-protection (police officers, armed security guards) may have been included in the survey" ("Gun control overview"). So, guns are known for killing and protection. Let think about if law abiding people own a gun, it means that do they become criminals? If so, there will be an increase of criminal in the society. In addition, prohibition of guns will be a cause of increasing of unintended consequence in the future. For example, organize crime will produce illegal guns to satisfy the public demand that why lead strengthening organized crimes groups.
It does not matter gun are either legal or illegal; people can still try to get guns in many different ways if they need gun. For example, criminals can steal guns from other people, or they can also get guns from smugglers that sell gen illegal. If guns are illegal people can buy them anymore. However, that cannot stop people from buying guns illegally. "Attempted illegal gun purchases occur 30,000 to 40,000 times each year among U.S. firearms retailers, according to a first-of-its-kind survey of gun sellers published Monday" (Brig 1). If a person or a group of people intend to kill somebody by gun, no one can stop them from getting guns illegally. Beside this, shooting is not the only way to kill the people, so the tragedies can happen everywhere and by different methods. There are many assassinations and murders in the world and it is naive to think that simply prohibiting guns will stop them. A NAME states, "In 1993, Guadalajara's Roman Catholic Cardinal Juan Jose Posadas Ocampo was gunned down in a drug-gang shoot out buy weapons smuggled in from the US. A year later, Presidential candidate Luis Donaldo was assassinated in Tijuana, also with an illegal gun from North of the border" (LaFranchi 1). So, has banning guns...

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